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How to Unlock Mobile Phones With Codes or Cables

Using a Mobile Phone Unlocking Code or Cable Helps to Switch Network

How to Unlock Mobile Phones With Codes or Cables

Many mobiles belong to a specific network. They cannot be used on other networks without mobile phone unlocking codes or clip and cabling solutions. How do these work?

Buying a mobile phone from a particular network generally means that the handset will only work with that provider. It can, quite legally, be used on other networks but the phone’s owner may need to get hold of an unlocking code or a clip and cabling solution to make this happen. What are the options to unlock a mobile phone?

Using Mobile Phone Unlocking Codes

One of the most common ways to unlock a mobile phone is to use an unlocking code. This solution simply involves getting the right code for the handset make and model and inputting it into the phone to free it from network exclusivity. This will allow the user to use any network SIM card on the phone.

There are various ways to get unlocking codes for mobiles. These include:

  • Asking the network provider for the code (this is sometimes given free but more often will incur a charge).
  • Visiting shops that offer mobile phone unlocking services (many small retailers will now offer this service).
  • Going online and searching to see if the code has been made public (this may incur a charge but some codes are available free).

In some cases, however, there may not be a code that can unlock certain phones. This may require the use of cabling/clip solutions.

Using Mobile Phone Unlocking Cables/Clips

This is a hardware based solution. Basically, this involves using a specially designed cable which attaches to the phone and which then works with software (either provided with the cabling solution or downloaded from the Internet) to physically unlock the phone.

This can be done by the phone user but can be a bit complicated. As an alternative it may be an option with high-street mobile phone unlocking shops and with online specialists (the phone will need to be sent away with this option). This may cost more than simply buying the cable and taking a DIY approach but may be easier for some.

The Advantages of Unlocking Mobile Phones

For many, having the ability to sync smartphone with Outlook, or switch SIM cards to any network simply saves them money. Mobile networks make their money on their tariffs and often give out phones free/at reduced costs to try and tie their customers into their phone charges. An unlocked phone allows the user to pick the cheapest tariff from any network on their phone of choice.

This may also be useful later on if they decide to sell their mobil phone when they upgrade. A phone with no network tie-in often sells for more than one tied to a specific network. Do bear in mind, however, that unlocking a mobile phone is virtually guaranteed to invalidate its warranty with the original network that supplied it. This may be an issue if something goes wrong with the handset later. Using an unlocking SIM card device  may be an alternative worth looking at if this is a concern.

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