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How modern games help to reduce stress

In recent years, as society moves toward excellence, most citizens have regularly experienced cognitive fatigue associated with stress, frustration and anxiety at work, and have developed unhealthy habits to cope with the difficulty of balancing work, personal life and family time. Modern problems require modern solutions, and they can be found in modern games such as video or online casino games. Here are a few reasons why modern games can improve your health and reduce your stress levels.

Breaking away from difficult life goals

Modern games allow you to psychologically escape, break away from what is happening around you, and relax.

One of the great components of what strains us as people is this feeling of uncontrollability, the feeling that you have no control over the situation around you.

These games develop a feeling that you can overcome difficulties and have control over your environment, at least in the digital environment.

How modern games help to reduce stress

Brain on autopilot

Playing modern games on allows us to enter into a state of awareness, which psychologists often call "staying in the zone" - a feeling of complete immersion in the activity. This can be compared to the focus and process that occurs during conscious meditation, and several studies have shown that these games, similar to meditation, help to reduce stress and improve relationship satisfaction.

The release of dopamine, the "hormone of happiness".

Whenever we do something that is in our interests, our brain releases dopamine, the so-called "happiness hormone". So when we play games that we like, even if for a few minutes, it has a positive effect on our life outside the screen and allows us to look at other aspects of life more positively and fun.