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How and where to take cute girl number?

1. Make an appointment.

A very cool thing is just to make an appointment, and not to ask for her phone. Only you need to choose the right moment for this.

When you are nice with several phrases, say that it would be nice to go to a movie, a cafe or a walk.

You do not ask anything, you receive an offer.

If you like her, then the question "Why do you need my phone number?" Will disappear as unnecessary. But at the same time she can ask where you will go. So let you have a list of some interesting places in advance.

2. Take, not ask.

You do not need to beg! You knowingly are in a losing position, when the girl has power over you and decides whether you will meet again or not.

Do not ask, do not ask, do not beg for a phone number, just take it.

For example, you can openly say that you liked her, and you want to meet her again. And for this you need her phone number.

When you write down, drop it in a beacon to make sure that you wrote it right. Still it is important, because many young ladies do not pick up the phone when they are struck by unfamiliar numbers.

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3. Sweep the accent.

There are two options how to take a girl's phone number.

In the first case, you ask her for a number and wait for her to respond. At that moment, a foolish smile spreads out on your face, and palms begin to sweat. Not the best deal.

There is a second option, when you just start telling her that you have an offer to meet. And at this time you give her your phone so she can write down the number.

You can tell her where you will go, what you will do and how cool you will spend time together. This behavior will work better, because you occupy a winning position and do not ask for anything.

4. Demonstrate perseverance.

Excuses are women's checks, which they use to weed out those who do not want and merge enough.

I heard these phrases: "I do not meet," "I have a boyfriend," "I'm in a hurry." It's all just to get rid of those who are not persistent enough.

If you give everything, the bed breaks.

She must have a clear impression that she is very interested in you. Let it feel special, it always works great for girls.

5. Do not give up.

Do not let go of your hands and think that everything is lost, if it initially refused.

Perhaps you did it too early, when your acquaintance just started. If she told you "no", just talk to her a little more. And after a while again try to take her number.

But do it exactly when she realizes that you can be trusted. Arrange it to yourself, make a compliment, show your sense of humor. Show that you are a normal guy, and you are not afraid to meet again.

Many girls are afraid that they will fall on some kind of telephone maniac who will throw up their messages and calls. So say that you have a lot of work, and you will call her only tomorrow.

As soon as you saw that the girl relaxed, you can offer to meet.

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How and where to take cute girl number?

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