How to organize accounting?

How to organize accounting?

The chief accountant of an enterprise is simply obliged to have knowledge in various fields, especially in the field of personnel management. What recommendations can be given to him or the director of the enterprise if in this organization there is no post of chief accountant. Maybe building a diverse and well-coordinated work of accounting? How to organize accounting? I've always asked for help at http: //, since they are professionals in their business. Thank you for helping the guys. Now go to the article.

1. Do not be afraid to delegate a lot of authority, while not forgetting to check the work done. The main part of the working time of the chief accountant is "turnover". Quite often the employees turn to the chief accountant or the head of the enterprise to resolve any working moment. Try to call accounting workers interested in their work. After that, things will go much faster.

2. It is very important to organize operational work on all sites. Every day, draw up a cash register, conduct bank statements.

3.Each employee is required to be responsible for his work site and at the end to report on all the work done. For example, it could be printing out invoices or calling customers. It is necessary to thoroughly check the work of each employee. With such organization of work at the enterprise, the balance must be made every month and this makes it possible to feel much calmer when the deadlines for submitting quarterly reports are appropriate.

4. The most important component of the work of the chief accountant is the correct filling of the primary documentation. If one of the employees makes this document in the special accounting program, then he must indicate all the requisites. It is not necessary to divide requisites into important and not important ones, which can be made later or not at all in the documents. All available information must be made immediately.

5. Democratic style of employee management is the main foundation for accounting to be firmly held and worked together. The team must have a benevolent, trusting and respectful atmosphere that must be combined with exactingness and professionalism. That is why an important role is played by whether the chief accountant knows how to organize bookkeeping at the enterprise, since the work of the whole enterprise directly depends on them.

How to organize accounting?

1. Accounting in the enterprise should be conducted by those employees who are well versed in this direction, economists can do it. If your enterprise is large enough and has large volumes of production or turnover, then it is necessary to hire a large staff of accountants. Since one person can not cope with a large amount of work.

2. The organization of accounting in the enterprise must begin with the accounting policy of this organization. In this document should be written: the organization of documentation at the enterprise (accounting forms, forms, the procedure for documenting various business transactions), as well as taxation.

3. In the accounting policy document, you need to approve the Chart of Accounts and specify the contents of the accounting and tax reporting of the enterprise. Assign accountable accountants who will be involved in compiling reporting forms. Here you need to specify the form of accounting, which can be centralized or decentralized. If you recruit a whole staff of accountants for work, as well as a chief accountant, then you have a decentralized form of accounting. If you use the services of outside accounting companies from time to time, it means that your company operates using central accounting.

4. If you have a large company, then you must appoint several employees, whose duty will be to keep the document circulation with counterparties, for charging and paying out ZP, for banking operations.

5. Constantly monitor the work of accountants, all documentation should be executed on time and without errors. Assign a person who will monitor the turnover in the accounting department, as well as the order of documentation.

From the question of how to organize accounting depends on the work of each unit of the enterprise, since the accounting department is the main department in the enterprise, which is responsible for the correct execution of accounting and tax reporting, the accrual and payment of PP to employees, the accounting of the enterprise.