Laminate flooring - is the most popular and effective floor covering

A good, shock-resistant and second-time elegant floor, on which children can play, walk barefoot. This is the dream of every resident of Russia and not only, even in Europe there are those who do not really have such happiness.

Paul, this is like a visiting card of your hearth, because they pay attention to him immediately at the entrance, when they swell, walk on it, because it is very nice to do this on high-quality material, so this element of decor needs to be given more attention than you thought earlier.

Today, people use different materials for flooring, it can be tile, linoleum, parquet, laminate and even wood.

As polls and surveys have shown, KRONOTEX laminates are the most demanded and effective.

Laminate flooring - is the most popular and effective floor covering

KRONOTEX is a European factory for the production of laminate. It is considered No. 1 not only abroad but also in Russia, as their products are actively sold on our territory, and is in great demand among Russians.

And all this is not just, the fact is that this plant is one of the old men of its kind, all because it exists in the market, already as 23 years.

What else is so fond of this manufacturer?

In the opinion of Russia, here the quality of the product wins, which can not be compared with analogues, and, of course, interesting decors, for example:

I want to note that this plant was represented by a special collection called "Rooms" and "My floor" exclusively for Russia.

Laminate Rooms - a collection of high-quality laminate from the German concern Kronotex. The warranty is 25-30 years in a domestic environment, which is extremely rare, but not for this premium product of the highest quality.

Laminate My Floor from the Kronoteks factory is a premium collection of the famous German factory in Heiligengrab. The whole collection consists of three sub-collections: Chalet, Cottage and Villa. Each line, in terms of the design component, is unique and has its own characteristics that can not be confused with any other laminate.