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Las Vegas: What I Did Not Know About Him

Las Vegas: What I Did Not Know About Him

On this trip to California I finally reached Las Vegas and it turned out that there are many things in this city that I did not even know about :) I share these things with you, some of them I think will also leave you surprised.

# 1 Vegas is a huge city! I always liked to imagine Las Vegas as such a long pedestrian street, strolling along which it was possible to get from one casino to another. In fact, Las Vegas is a huge city, where a total of half a million people live, it's a city with highways and highways. And the main street to date is Las Vegas Boulevard, and Strip is a huge avenue for several lanes. And Las Vegas itself produces a very massive impression. The casino itself is not a casino in separate buildings, but huge multi-storey hotels-rezorts, each with an average of 3000 rooms! The casinos are located in the incredibly huge lobbies of these same hotels. In Las Vegas, as in the rest of America, everything is huge and massive. And to get from one hotel to another (that is, from one casino to another), you need to walk for about five minutes. Every year, Les Vegas grows bigger and bigger, but now even in the main part - where Strip - hotels and, accordingly, a casino, thirty pieces, and the Strip itself is more than 5 kilometers away. So I do not even know how long it takes to get around everything. In addition, now they are building a new strip, where new hotels and new casinos are built. I wonder if the crowd will flow in the same way as in the time of their old Las Vegas (which on Fremont Street) flowed into the new one. By the way, about the old Las Vegas on Fremont Street. We went there too, to walk there, by the way, there are not many who are driving now, even my California friend with whom we were on this trip was never there, although I visited Las Vegas many times. From this very old street Fremont Street (which was there from the beginning of the 19th century, and maybe even earlier), and the casino-city of Las Vegas began. Now this street has been turned into a pedestrian street and it is now possible to walk along it, going from one casino to another. And everything is very compact and in one place. Everything is so old, casinos are kitsch, as they should be, in general there is quite colorful. In general, as I dreamed of Las Vegas (By the way, if you get there in the evening, in the eastern part of East Fremont, they say, good restaurants)

# 2 Las Vegas is not so glamorous When you watch movies about casinos, they show all these elegant people: men in evening dresses, women in beautiful evening dresses and ornaments. Perhaps this is the case in the casino in Monte Carlo, but Les Vegas is a different world. I was worried if I needed to bring elegant dresses, but as it turned out, the outfits in Las Vegas are not particularly needed! (Exception - nightclubs, there dress code is hard) In the casinos and resorts the people are dressed as if they came to the dacha: sports suits, sneakers, shorts, sweatshirts. All are dressed extremely simply, because the casino is the lobby of the hotel, you can come to any hotel regardless of whether you live there or not. Three stars, five stars - but at least a motel, all the same everyone has access to any casino. Well, since you have to walk a lot from one casino to another, everyone chooses comfortable shoes and clothes. And in the simplest of the resolutions (especially in the three-star), the people are quite simply dressed. There's almost every second in sports pants or in sports shoes :))) Because they come to Vegas from all the villages and cities of America. A couple of casinos, especially in the new 5 star hotels (like Cosmopolitan or Aria) people are dressed a little better. We will tell it is possible to see women on heels, and men in shirts (without a tie). But I did not see any evening dresses and evening gowns. Maybe they are all somewhere in the VIP-halls of the casino, where the minimum bet is from 1000 dollars and where we were not invited for some reason :) Hotel Ceasar's Palace, Las Vegas

# 3 Vegas comes to eat! America would not be America if it was not about food! Previously, the only thing I associated with Las Vegas - it's a casino. Roulette, card tables, etc. In fact, it turned out that many people come to Les Vegas not only for this, but also for food. Las Vegas is famous for its restaurants with buffet (buffet), where for dinner for $ 50 you can eat everything your heart desires - from sushi and sashimi, to first-class steaks, as well as crabs and oysters. For breakfast, too, have something to profit from - breakfasts of all countries and continents, from French crepes to Mexican burritos, all kinds of bread and baking, fruits, desserts and again sushi and so on. And the food is delicious (if you choose the right places), but it's not surprising, the food in the cafe in America is generally cheap, so for $ 50 you will definitely be fed very well. We generally had some incredible special deal on these "buffets", for $ 50, which was a pass to several restaurants of different hotels and this pass worked 24 hours.

Since the first time we used it for dinner, it turned out that we also had breakfast for the same money and had dinner again in a delicious seafood restaurant (at the Rio Hotel). In general, my gastronomic soul was more than satisfied. Restaurants - from cheap to very expensive (like restaurants with Michelin stars) in Las Vegas a great variety (even the restaurant of my favorite chef Gordon Ramsey there). If you take network restaurants and cafes, then they are all there. You can go all day long from the casino to the cafe, and from the cafe to the casino and do not get bored :) What all actually do. The truth after this trip wanted detox :)

# 4 In the casino free alcohol If you were in the casino and sat down at any of the tables - or even just to a machine with a one-armed bandit (slot machine) - you will soon be approached by a waitress and will offer you drink. You can order anything, everything at the expense of the institution. At first I did not believe in it, but later I got into the taste, and when we sat down at some table, I immediately looked with the eyes of the waitress to quickly place an order. And absolutely in all casinos in Vegas, all drinks, even some complicated cocktails (I used to play cosmopolitan mostly), you can order without limits - all for free, as long as you play. After all, the casino is advantageous for the customer to be a little drunk, and therefore more willing and adventurous :) By the way, waitresses are usually tipped, then they are guaranteed to fulfill your order quickly and will come back to update your cocktail as soon as it begins to come to an end. It's funny that the tip is paid not by cash, but by casino chips. Usually this is a one-dollar chip. Also you can play live dealers casino.

# 5 Casinos work around the clock. There are no hours on the walls, and the light is always muffled. Casinos in Las Vegas work round the clock. And it's important not even how late you can play. Rather funny, if you go down in the morning for breakfast, and on the clock will be 9 am, at the tables will be quite a lot of players. Someone is playing in the evening, someone is playing since morning. Since the casino is indoors, the lighting there does not change during the day. Everything is done specially so that you do not have a strange feeling that the afternoon has not even come yet, and you are already with a glass and at a playing table. There are no clocks on the walls and nothing that would hint at the time. And at some point, when you are inside the casino for a long time, you stop to understand what part of the day. Casino Ceasars Palace # 6 In the casino of Las Vegas you can bet on anything Casino is the same because in the first place about roulette, cards, itp? But in Las Vegas in the casino you can play absolutely any gambling. In addition to standard card tables with poker and itp, as well as endless rows of slot machines (which, as it turned out, mostly play grandmothers), in Vegas there are halls where you can bet on horse racing, sports championships, as well as tables with lotto and some other unknown games. In general, the casino is so huge, there are a lot of different games, some of which I even did not really know before! Fremont Street, Old Las Vegas # 6 Vegas has long been not only about casinos When I was called on a previous trip to Vegas, I exchanged it for something else. Player in the casino from me no (I always lose, so the excitement is quickly lost), and it seemed to me that I was there especially and have nothing to do. In reality, Vegas - it's just an ordinary city (or rather unusual :), where not for long, but you can occupy yourself with something. There are quite amusing hotels, each of which is like a museum, so a walk along the boulevard with a call to all the old hotels - this entertainment is quite on its own. Well, in the casino was also pretty funny to hang out, I had never played a real roulette before, it was cool, especially considering that we won and paid back your stay in Vegas. In addition, various shows, exhibitions and presentations take place in Vegas, and if you prepare and study the question in advance, you can even find yourself something interesting. In Vegas, you can look at all these shows David Kapperfildov and performances of the Circus of Solos, as well as listen to Celine Dion, Elton John and various other comrades. Judging by the fact that there were queues at the ticket office all the time, customers for such shows are easy. In addition, there are all kinds of different exhibitions, our hotel had two exhibitions, one is the artifacts from the sunken titanic, and the second - Bodies - anatomical theater with real corpses and organs (something in common between our kunstkamera and I do not know what :) In Vegas there are all sorts of fun attractions like a Ferris wheel, roller coaster right inside the city and some hellish attraction on the roof of the tallest tower (very high). The hotels themselves (especially the old ones) also seem to compete to surprise the visitors. We lived in the hotel Luxor, it is made as the Egyptian pyramids in Giza.

Hotel Excalibur is similar to a castle from Disney cartoons, and the Paris Hotel, like the name says, is made like Parisian streets (well, it seems that even without the Eiffel tower, it seems almost real size). All this is of course a little with a touch of Americanness, but still fun. Well, or, for example, in the hotel Flamingo you can see live flamingos; Hotel Belagio has a huge inner garden; in the hotel Venetian these channels with gondolas, etc. The most beautiful old casino, I think, in Ceasar Palace, and the most stylish in Cosmopolitan. In general, if you pre-read, then a lot of unusual can be found in Las Vegas. And of course you can not say about the night life. If you are a fan of glamorous nightclubs, then grab your heels and outfits, in Vegas you will not be bored. Just here, be prepared to spend, the prices for cocktails are decent and free drinks, as in the casino there is already no. But there you can walk all evening dresses - dresscoat and face control in the clubs is serious. However, when we were in Vegas, the clubs worked only on Thursday-Friday-Saturday, I do not know how the rest of the year, but in November we were not able to get to the club and it seems like it's not a season by Las Vegas standards anymore. (By the way, in the summer time, the people are still having fun with the crazy Pool Party - parties in the pool, Oh yes, and there's shopping there too.) Shops in hotels, shops on the boulevard, all brands, for any color and taste, including outlets. in Las Vegas. Well, as you already knew, there is everything in Las Vegas!