Pest Repeller? They are work?

Pest Repeller? They are work?I am often asked the question: “Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?”. Well, the answer is not that simple. Do you know what are the benefits of using ultrasound? It is absolutely safe, whereas poisons pose risks. It affects a large number of rodents at once, whereas electronic traps kill just one of them at a time. But I think you will agree that it is the effectiveness that is the most important for us when we select a pest control tool.

If you have a look at customers’ feedback, you will find that opinions dramatically vary. In this case, we should better rely on what scientists say about the effectiveness of ultrasound in deterring rodents. According to them, ultrasonic devices work on rodents as long as the following rules are observed. First, remove soft furniture, curtains, and toys as obstacles absorbing ultrasound. Secondly, place and activate ultrasonic repellers in all rooms simultaneously so that rodents have nothing but flee the house. Thirdly, once mice and rats have left the house, turn off the device, otherwise, their new generations will be able to get used to ultrasound. Fourthly, do not expect immediate effect since sustainable results will be achieved not earlier than two weeks after the device was turned on. Just give the repeller some time to create an unbearable environment for rodents. The noise first disturbs them and, in due course, drives rodents crazy. And finally, you should reduce food availability for rats and mice. As you might know, food is the strongest motivation for animals.

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