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What is retweet and what is it for?

What is retweet and what is it for?

In the modern world, a person constantly has to deal with a huge number of new terms, words borrowed from abroad, slang phrases, etc. Most of the young people are aware of all this, but still many people do not understand what they are talking about, when they say such words as tweet, retweet, like, repost, comment and others. Today we will try to explain as much as possible what retweet is.

Retweets are an integral part of Twitter, which takes up the largest part of the system. Retweet is the outpost of any tweet. For example, your friend wrote a funny or interesting tweet (message), you liked him and you decided to share this tweet with your readers. What to do?

1) You can copy this tweet and, by creating your own, publish it in your stream. However, almost no one does so.

2) You can do retweet. That is, retweeting a friend's message, and it will appear in your stream, and will be available to all your readers.

How to do retweet? Everything is very simple. This is a matter of one click or gesture.

Having opened the Twitter application on your mobile device or on the official website, find an interesting tweet. At the bottom of each tweet you see three icons: an arrow pointing to the left, two arrows and an asterisk. You need a second character (two arrows). Clicking on it, the options "Make retweet", "Tweet tweet" and "Cancel" appear. What are the differences from "Make retweet" and "Quote tweet"? If you just want to do a retweet, click the appropriate option and this tweet will appear in your stream. By pressing "Tweet", you not only retweave it, but also have to finish your tweet. For example, your answer or opinion. This tweet will also appear in your stream along with your answer. Also near the badge (two arrows) under the tweet we can see also the numbers. Some mean how many people did retweet. Some tweets from the untwisted accounts gain hundreds or even thousands of retweets.

Why do I need retweets on Twitter? With the help of retweets, you share information with your readers. Retweets are like reposts in Vkontakte. The more a person makes the retweets of your tweet, the more people will see it and, probably, also make retweet and subscribe to you.

What tweets are most important? These are tweets of celebrities who have millions of followers, these are interesting facts, funny tweets, news, promotions and offers.

However, do not forget that writing your tweets is also important. If your tape will consist of only retweets, people will unsubscribe from you, because you do not carry any personal, unique information.

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