Top Ways to Get More Clients & Referrals through Content Marketing

Top Ways to Get More Clients & Referrals through Content Marketing

Every Day, more than 2.4 million brand-related conversation takes place in the United States. This indicates that people talk and share a lot about their experience with companies and businesses, which leaves agencies to think what they can do to sway these interactions in their favor.

After all, more than 90% of people relying on the opinions of family & friends to make their purchasing decisions, banking on attracting potential clients through marketing efforts alone is not a good strategy for the long run.

In an effort to capture the power of word-of-mouth, many companies are turning to referral marketing techniques as means for understanding the right kind of procedure on the right-hand side.

Here are few techniques on how to break into this space, we have put together few effective ways to build more effective referral marketing.

Move people from point A to point Z

People start out at point A, with some real time problem that they need to solve. Connects the dots for them and help them get where they want to go. The closer you get people there, the more likely they are to get excited they are to about your brand. They will slowly start associating you with a rewarding experience, and from there it’s a logical next step to buy. The key here is to identify who is your customer and what motivates them to buy. Create content that teaches people how to move as close as possible to point Z before you ask for their money.

Rebrand or Repackage

The idea of something new is wonderful. It makes people feel young, excited and invigorated. Without them even knowing it, their brains lighten up. You can take your existing product or services and make a few tweaks and rebrand it to get more traction from the people.

You don’t to take any product randomly without through analysis of why you are doing it and what you want to achieve with repacking and what’s your target audience.

Make it Easy

Would you rather run or walk up to long hill or hop in the car and drive through? What about spending 3 months creating a product or just 3 weeks? If you give people easy option instead or the hard one most of the time they’re going to choose the easiest one. So when people give a choice to select an easy option it is easier to so.

Act on Feedback

In order to gather more referrals work, you have to prove your company as a referral-worthy. To ensure that you’re exceeding the needs of the client, it is important that you regularly gather feedback and act on it. SurveyMonkey can help you create great survey forms and make it easy to distribute to clients.

Exceed Expectations

If you want to get a referral from the existing clients you need to exceed client’s expectation. However, it’s largely based on the experience that they had on working with you and dependent on loyalty, which means that this is something that you really have to earn.

If you want to get your client raving about your service, you have to dazzle them.

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