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What Makes Nathalie Hart Looks So Hot & Sexy In Her Photos & Videos

Princess Snell truly captivated the hearts and minds of Filipino men with her sultry bold scenes in Siphayo and now in Sin Island. Here’s what makes Nathalie Hart so hot and sexy in Nathalie Hart photos and videos.

The former Princess Snell is now one of Philippine’s most well-known actress. Although now her stage name is Nathalie Hart. Nathalie is renowned for her super sexy looks, stunning body, and sensual charm.

What Makes Nathalie Hart Looks So Hot & Sexy In Her Photos & Videos

While she has had supporting roles in Filipino soap operas like My Beloved, Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka, Captain Barbell, Yesterday's Bride, Makapiling Kang Muli; it was her work in My Lover, My Wife and Captain Barbell Ang Pagbabalik that showcased her talent well enough to be signed for an award-winning movie like Siphayo and Sin Island.

Back in 2008 when Princess Snell chose to appear on the national TV with ABS-CBN's Star Magic Batch 16, she had that “girl-next-door” look. The same year she did her very first bikini photo shoot with Jay Tablante.

At the time, she denied any rumors of doing it and called it fake, but it wasn’t until two years after that she admitted it was the real her. Such rumors and gossips channeled the fuel for her fame that demanded more from her in the coming years.

In 2009, she came back to spotlight with her debut in the rival network GMA7’s Starstruck V. But, she got cut in the elimination round, in fact, she was the 5th to be sent back, packing.

While Starstruck V was still airing on the television, Nathalie decided to revamp her physique, and in a few months, she came back to the spotlight as a new person.

By 2011, Nathalie had become this sultry and seductive actress who bagged massive TV projects where she played roles similar to Siphayo. In this time period, she also wore long wavy locks that worked like a charm to rise in her career.

Though Nathalie soon realized that having doll-like features would help her climb the ladder of cinematic success sooner, and that’s why by 2012 she made sure that her chubby cheeks were all disappeared for good! This is when she made a serious move into TV projects which demanded her to look hot and happening - like Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?, Makapiling Kang Muli, Yesterday's Bride, and Magdalena.

At 22, Nathalie got a new manager, Leo Dominguez, who got her a new stage name that the world would know - Nathalie Hart. She did several movies for Regal Entertainment Inc., like "Dilim" and "Somebody to Love."

Siphayo was Nathalie’s biggest hit in her entire filming career, and for this, she even won the most prestigious Best Actress award at the International Film Festival held in Manhattan, New York.

Princess Snell had to display full frontal nudity, and she wasn’t always into it and hence, for her, success did come at a price.

"I have hot love scenes with Luis Alandy, Joem Bascon, and Allan Paule. And yes, I had to show some skin, so I made it a point to exercise and eat well to look good from every angle," she says.

She said in an interview that despite being a provocative role, it was the script by Eric Ramos and the director, Joel Lamangan’s vision and perspective of the movie that convinced her to go ahead with it. “But if it is not Direk Joel, I will not accept it," she added.

Nathalie Hart videos from Siphayo have circulated around the internet and social media quite a lot and most of it has brought her a lot of bad press, especially since the actress is good looking. People comparing her to porn star for going bold in the film and undressing without hesitation.

Well, the price of fame in the world of the Internet is getting trolled and people misusing your photographs. But, by now, the 26-year old actress has realized, the best way to silence the critics is to keep doing meaty roles in good films, and focus on looking sensual while doing it.

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