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An engineer once told me that the success of any business is 80% how you deal with people and so far I haven’t seen any evidence in any industry to disprove that. In fact, my experiences in the publishing industry have proven this point. Of the two traditional publishers that published me early in my career only the one that treated its authors with respect is still in business.

While my first book, `The Storm Boat Kings’ was being published I screamed out in frustration, “If I ever ran my own publishing company I would do everything the exact opposite of what this guy is doing.” Of course, I said something stronger than `this guy’ and with a lot more syllables.

These days I own my own publishing company, `Travelogue 219’ and I am basically doing things the exact opposite of, `this guy’. I don’t take weeks to answer emails and phone messages, I don’t ignore first time authors’ ideas and I don’t take forever to pay royalties. In short, I treat my authors with respect and work with them to produce the best book possible. This of course is a two-way street and unfortunately I’ve met a few authors who act like, `this guy’. Fortunately, all of the authors on my current book list are decent human beings who I enjoy working with and it is my goal to keep it that way.

Travelogue 219 produces fiction, history and travel books.

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