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Does beBee Make You Searchable?

Does beBee Make You Searchable?

I read a recent comment on LinkedIn that states, matter of factly, that being on beBee makes you invisible on search engines. Being suspect, I searched my name on Google hoping to find a beBee link--I didn't.

So, can anyone confirm, or deny this statement. If false, great! If true, why?

So what? Many of us subscribe to social media channels to be found by recruiters. This is certainly the case with LinkedIn.

But, if your beBee profile is invisible to recruiters using their SEO software, then what's the point? 

Some see this issue as a deal breaker for joining beBee. 

Again, if not true, then help me get the word out to dispell false rumors and attract more new members.


John Valledor

Charlene Burke 4/7/2016 · #14

#10 Dean Owen - yes, I'm taking the North American view :) In the USA, recruiters love LinkedIn to source candidates for white collar position. My hope is that this will change. It probably will due to beBee, the Microsoft purchase, and more.

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NO one 4/7/2016 · #13

thank you @John Valledor! I'm glad it is clear now and thank you for promoting beBee

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Javier 🐝 beBee 4/7/2016 · #12

#11 I agree @Dean Owen. LinkedIn is irrelevant in the jobs search process in a lot of countries. I think it is relevant in the USA. But it will change slowly :-)

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Dean Owen 4/7/2016 · #11

#3 to continue Charlene Burke, LinkedIn is irrelevant in the job search process in numerous countries, for example the one I am in right now which happens to be the second largest economy in the world. It is also irrelevant for blue collar jobs in most of the world. This is a gap in the market that beBee can fill.

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Dean Owen 4/7/2016 · #10

#3 nobody " MUST have a LindkedIn profile" unless you are talking from a North American standpoint which you probably are. You make LinkedIn sound like the answer to everyone's prayers. It's not.

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#5 beBee is being indexed by Google ( As indicated Charlene Burke, competition is strong and appear on the first page takes time. We have work to do on and off the page, but we hope to be in the top results in all profiles and thematic soon. John, I've done some external adjustments to favor indexing your profile. I'll be following the evolution. Thank you very much for all your contributions.

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John Valledor 1/7/2016 · #8

#7 okay, I will, thanks!

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Javier 🐝 beBee 1/7/2016 · #7

#6 you can confront. It is false. Thanks !!!

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