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Local SEO: What is Local SEO and Why is it Important?

Local SEO services focus on ranking within the top 3 positions of Google’s local pack (the area in Google search results with a map and 3 local businesses).  Ranking well within the local pack is especially beneficial to companies who rely on customers located close to the business.

Local SEO: What is Local SEO and Why is it Important?

1. Understanding Local SEO Consulting Services

Local vs. Organic SEO

Local search engine optimization is not the same as organic search optimization. Localized SEO optimization helps businesses rank within the top 3 positions of Google’s Local Pack.  The local pack is not always present within Google’s results because some queries do not lend themselves to a local business focus, such as managed database services. Here is an example of local pack results in Google:

Google’s local results are intended to help users find businesses close to the user’s geographic location.  Those businesses who rely on local customers, for example restaurants, stand to gain by being found within the local pack.

Top 3 local pack rankings stand apart from organic results for several reasons.  The most obvious reason being found in local results is important is the prominence of local-pack results above the organic results.  Search engine users typically start at the top of results to research their query, therefore, the local-pack (when present) will typically get more clicks than the organic results.

Additionally, the local results area catches user’s eyes more than the organic results because of it’s different format and additional information, including company name, review stars with access to actual consumer reviews, address, business hours, link to website as well as directions to reach the business from the user’s current location.  Google search users are more likely to find the information they desire faster and easier within the local pack area versus below in the organic results.

Top Benefits of Local Search Optimization

The primary benefit of successful local SEO services is ranking within the top 3 results of the local pack.  Being found in the local pack significantly increases the visibility of a business and, therefore, the likelihood of a user choosing to click on one of those top 3 local businesses.  More clicks to one’s website means more visitors.  With more website visitors comes the opportunity to make more sales.

2. Importance of Local Optimization

So, now that we understand the difference between local SEO vs. organic SEO and the benefits of ranking within the local pack, why is this area of search results gaining prominence and importance?

                Mobile Search

As people changed their internet search habits, moving from desktop searches to mobile devices like tablets and smart phones, more internet users are mobile and are performing Google searches while out and about.  The significance of this is that what was, for example, a desktop search for “Italian Restaurant” has evolved into “Italian food near me”.

Google has adapted its delivery of search results to address this change in how users are using Google’s search engine. The delivery of a better customer experience for Google means adding a separate area in search results for these types of mobile, local searches.  In fact, more searches are now conducted via mobile devices.

                Voice Search

Another significant change in how people are using search engines is the move from typing queries to voice search.  Organic and local search optimization is always...

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