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BeBee International : Affinity defines Community

beBee International : Affinity defines Community
Note:  I've just added the "Habla Espanol?" graphic (above) as clickbait/eye-candy.  Let's face it, the swipey image-driven beBee interface really demands visual snazz. The screen capture of beBee's international navbar (below) was relevant and informative, but not simplistic and eye-catching enough to be successful as the 'hero image' for this article.   It's "the nature of the [socialNet] medium" ...
Deconstructing the environment

One of the attributes that differentiates beBee is its significant international profile.  More than 30% of beBee content is in a language-other-than-English.  It's overwhelmingly Spanish or Portuguese.  The international disproportion is reflected clearly in the "language preference" attribute of beBee's Groups. (Hispanic : 17K, English : 9K, the Rest of the World: 500 total)
beBee International : Affinity defines Community

The "international navbar" across the bottom of beBee pages is also informative. The first 10 countries listed are all Hispanic-majority nations (except the United States, but heck - They're not stupid).

LinkedIn has a substantial international profile, as well, though my casual impression is that it's more Euro/Russia, India/Pakistan, and MidEast - with a fair representation from Japan and EastAsia.  

Worth noting:  There are no Mideast  or EastAsian countries in beBee's "international navbar".

the UpShot/BottomLine:

beBee specifically mines the Hispanic Nation market

Does beBee have any traction with Hispanic Community markets, such as "Latinos in the US"?
a reasonable framing question

In any case, when the beBee Selfie Squad is on-the-road-and-talking-business, you can bet that the topic is ...

Hispanic Market$

in my opinion

Affinity is Community

Community may be linguistic or ethnic or both ... or other.  But all socialNets create community  on the basis of some form of affinity.   

A successful socialNet embraces community activism.

Here's an example from my own WayBack Machine (back in 2007):

beBee International : Affinity defines CommunityInteractive One was looking to create Web 2.0 presence targeted towards serving the African-American community. Interactive One had itself grown out of a successful publishing conglomerate (primarily radio and print) which targeted African American - and later Hispanic - audiences. (wikipedia)

Although the focus was to craft a UI that could address the complex needs of a social network, a big challenge was to address the production & administration logistics of the social networking platform & management tool that the client had acquired.

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Social Convergence : How it all fits together

John Vaughan 21/9/2016 · #5

#4 I agree entirely, @Laurent BOSCHERINI, that the potential is there. It's one reason why I'm doing some pseudo-analytics (and consciousness-raising, I think) on this point. Who knows? Maybe it will be of value to someone... tho apparently not to beBee, as of this moment.

+1 +1
Laurent Boscherini 21/9/2016 · #4

@John Vaughan ;) I have any kind of expectations from beBee, I am just flying around and I am not a producer. But as a corporate advisor with a tiny worldwide experience, I am really thinking beBee is doing good and will break soon the ceiling for all points you have so well noticed #3

+2 +2
John Vaughan 21/9/2016 · #3

#2 "But factually" @Laurent BOSCHERINI ... It's kind of interesting that reflexive responses to my relatively neutral observations are often couched defensively. hmmmm ... My next article may put your comparison of 'beBee vs LinkedIn' into a revealing context. Stay tuned.

+1 +1
Laurent Boscherini 21/9/2016 · #2

Thank you @John Vaughan for sharing your insightful points.But factualy, beBee did more in a year with a very tiny budget than Li's past growth did in the five first years with few competitors and huge investment supports.

+1 +1
Kevin Pashuk 21/9/2016 · #1

Interesting observations John.

+1 +1