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One More Way beBee Supports Content Producers. We Retweet!

One More Way beBee Supports Content Producers. We Retweet!

Over the last three years, I've published 200+ blogs on platforms like Inc. Magazine,, The Good Men Project, LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, Wordpress, Tumblr, and The Huffington Post.

Now, of course, I am writing on beBee Producer!

When I write for a platform, I always tweet my blog posts at them by including their Twitter handle in the tweets I send out containing links to my posts. This gives the person that is managing the Twitter accounts for these platforms a notification on the other end alerting them to my tweet, which gives them the opportunity to retweet my blog to their followers.

I keep doing it in hopes that someday one of them might just actually do it! 

Having struck out so many times with tweeting my blogs at these platforms and having felt the rejection of them never once retweeting me, I thought others might have had a similar experience. Surely, my tweets aren't that bad.

As you know on beBee we like to do things differently. So, with that in mind, we've begun to retweet our content producers when they tweet at us.

Does beBee retweet every single one?

No, we can't retweet them all, but we are already actively retweeting users every day. And will continue to do so Maybe some of you have noticed? 

Here is one we