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Who Are K&P and What is TLC?

Who Are K&P and What is TLC?There are two very influential books in my leadership journey. One of those is Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (2007, Hyperion); the other is The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner (Jossey-Bass, 2012). I have talked about both of these works and their authors in previous posts. The Leadership Challenge was introduced to me in the MA (Leadership) program at Royal Roads University as a text and part of the learning. It resonated with me right away as it described perfectly the leadership style that I had been using in my career as a sales manager and senior leader in my organization.

The model described by Kouzes and Posner (K&P) provides a language and framework for which I had been looking. It also builds on the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model that I covered in last week’s post and other transformational leadership models. K&P provide definitions and descriptors of the skills required by leaders to create transformation in the workplace and to influence followers, bringing them to accept the leader’s vision as their own.

An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner

The benchmark for The Leadership Challenge Model (TLC) is the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). Over three million people have taken this 360° survey, which has enabled K&P to validate the results over and over again. On top of that, there have been hundreds of independ