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Fighting Seasonal Depression

Fighting Seasonal DepressionSeasonal depression, or the winter blues as it is also known, is a very common form of depression. Just like regular depression, there are bouts of very low moods whereby a person feels quite gloomy. There are a variety of reasons why the winter season triggers depression for some people. For one reason, it is a time that is spent filled with festivities and holiday celebrations. While some may wonder how that could make a person sad, it’s very reasonable how some people get caught up in these depressive states. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family to celebrate with. The emphasis on spending time with loved ones can make a person feel even more alone in such cases. This loneliness can definitely turn into a depressive state, making a person feel as if no one cares for them or that they are not good enough to share quality time with.

In other cases, even if a person does have family, this time of year may simply be a reminder that they aren’t on particularly good terms and cannot be around one another. Aside from familial reasons, finances can also contribute to seasonal depression. Consumerism is massive during this time of year and it is almost impossible to not see ads promoting Christmas sales and new products to buy. A person might be feeling depressed because of their inability to provide the “decadent” Christmas they would hope for their family.

Regardless of the reason, there are ways to kick depression this winter season.


Helping someone who needs it can leave an immense impact on the person providing help. A person no longer focusing on what they do not have is instead able to reframe their view and see how fortunate they truly are. In addition, helping others who appreciate one’s efforts can be emotionally rewarding and therapeutic all on its own.

Imitating Daylight

A lack of daylight can impact the brain by making a person feel more lethargic, low, sad, or hopeless. Seeking natural sunlight should be done whenever one has the opportunity. Alternatively, a lightbox can be purchased. These natural remedies will aid in one’s emotional regulation.

Don’t Retreat

It is completely okay to not particularly care for the festivities of winter. This doesn’t make one a Grinch or hermit. However, it is important that people don’t isolate themselves to avoid encountering anything winter or holiday-related. No one is obligated to participate in the same ceremonies and celebrations as each other, so there is no need to be a part of something that doesn’t resonate. Social interaction is still vital although it may be tempting to go hibernate for a while. In fact, isolation may worsen seasonal depression, making one’s negative thoughts even louder.

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