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What Fuels Anxiety

What Fuels AnxietyAnxiety can be one of the most debilitating feelings one could experience. It’s as if there is constant resistance with yourself. Anxiety can be a result of things stemming from childhood trauma to perceptions people have about what society thinks of them. Negative thoughts are what mainly keeps one in a state of suffering from anxiety whilst allowing the anxiety to deepen. There are also other instances that can trigger one’s anxiety. By knowing what fuels a person’s anxiety, a person can prevent anxiety attacks and also pursue their dreams fearlessly. Anxiety creates immense internal and mental tension, especially when confronted by social settings, phobias, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD). Here are some things that may trigger anxiety.

Social Settings

More people suffer from social anxiety than is widely known. This is actually a very common feeling. A good portion of people are fearful of things like criticism, judgment, or rejection. Thus, people often begin obsessing over how they are displaying themselves and how they appear to others. One may be socially anxious with their physical appearance or even public speaking. This dogmatic demand that one must make the first good impression is what makes building interpersonal relationships with others unsuccessful or quite difficult. In reality, people are their own worst critics and most times set themselves up by having these inflexible expectations when dialogues should be more natural.


Uncertainty exists everywhere and seems almost impossible to avoid. Nothing is for certain. However, humans assess things in a linear way and tend to see things in an organized fashion. In actuality, reality doesn’t quite operate so smoothly. Many instances may arise to throw someone out of their state of peace or contentment which can be pretty scary. For instance, job security isn’t always a guarantee. Some people get anxious with knowing their company can let them go at any time. Also, those who have suddenly gotten laid off from their job can identify with the uncertainties of how they’ll eat or continue providing for their family. The unknowns could be scary and some people tend to psyche themselves out with negative thoughts.

Self-deprecating Talk

Negative self-talk can reaffirm one’s preexisting anxieties, making their anxiety increase. As stated, people sometimes judge themselves harsher than others. Thus, one may find that when they quiet their negative internal dialogue no one is really even paying attention. It is more about that person’s belief that they are being criticized.

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