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A beautiful world.

A beautiful world.What is the matter with our society? Have we all gone mad? Do we all accept that society is all about power?

What a diluted mind you must posses to brand a beautiful women like that? Angela Merkel opened the borders for all refugees with all her hart. One of the few people I admire. A beautiful person. Period.

And the same kind of people who caused the very existence of refugees attack her.

Our Nato Allie attacks Europe with childish accusations and threats Europe with a new flood of refugees. Even threat us with a new religious war.

Mr Erdogan sees himself as the new sultan. He demands and Europe gives in. And if not, he threatens to turn to Russia.

That hateful little child seems to hold the best cards.

Dear politicians, do we really have to endure this child and all his demands because otherwise he will surrender his country to Russia? Let him. Between Putin and Erdogan I suspect who will be the master. No doubt about that. That child can never blackmail Putin. I think he knows that. He is playing bluff poker.

Dear politicians of Europe, call his hand. Or do we cling on to "freedom" with an Allie that dictates his demands?

Freedom should be the main religion of mankind. You don't obtain FREEDOM by giving in. You can not reason the concept of FREEDOM. You have to live it and by it.

Angela, you agreed with France to welcome Turkey to campaign within your borders. I am so proud that we did not. Why did you agree? Who needs a devious friend? God, I hate politics. See what it brought us.

We all want a beautiful world. We will never achieve that by giving in to the wishes of those who's world turns solely about themselves. Freedom requires faith in it. It never comes cheap. Like all good things.

I declare Freedom to be my religion. What does it take to found a church?

Marli Faustino 2/11/2017 · #7

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Joris Plaatstaal 18/3/2017 · #6

#4 Dank je

Joris Plaatstaal 18/3/2017 · #5

#3 Maybe because we always try to be objective in a subjective world.

At some point being a watcher will be futile. I do not study life, I live it.

Emotions are not entirely a bad thing. Mind you, it is a bad thing without reason. And so is reason without emotion.

Life is all about balance. I dare say I achieved balance. I did not only express emotion in my post. I expressed my opinion, both emotional and rational.

I am not upset.

And now? Ha, you tell me. I am not a observer, I am a participant, wetter I like it or not.

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Bernard Poulin 18/3/2017 · #3

Well expressed emotions., And now. . . What are the objective observations, analyses, decisions and actions to be implemented which can be taken in order to achieve what these emotions express in such a legitimately raw manner? It is not enough to be upset. Upset is often what we feel when we in democracies have failed to maintain a close watch on that which is legitimately ours to be responsible for.

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Joris Plaatstaal 17/3/2017 · #2

#1 @Robert Cormack, interesting comment. Who feeds who? Should we always worship the hand that feeds us? Can we not feed ourselves and stay ourselves that way?
I am not sure what you are trying to say.

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Robert Cormack 17/3/2017 · #1

Very good points, @Joris Plasststaal. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, or the hand that could feed you.