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What am I, compared to you?

What am I, compared to you?Hi, there.

I roamed around a little on this site for a short time. I've given some comments, got some back.

This beBee seems a little bit different, compared to other social media. A little less slashing each other...

I am Joris. Pleased to meet you all.

On social media it seems inevitable to see posts that tells you 10 ways to get happy. 15 ways to find yourself. Etc.

I did not view all posts, you all have written, in the short time I have been here. So please correct me if I am wrong.

I can be just my own biased view. But are we trying, here, to live a life within the boundaries someone seems to set for us?

I need to explain, I know. So what the hell, I'll try.

I am Joris. Many years ago, born into this world. Knowing nothing, trusting people that, I assumed, knew more. I think we all begin that way. Maybe we fall, after some years, to either one of three options. Is that why trinities are so special, viewing history?

The options I faced:

1:    Conform to the rules of society.

2:    Reject society and take what I want. I am free!

3:    Change society. I like YOU to be free as well.

The corresponding fees, I realized:

1:    You do not live.

2:    You will never be free.

3:    It will take a lot of effort.

Figure it out.

You know. Last monday, my youngest son and I went to a concert of Placebo in Amsterdam. We both do not care a bit about money, and so we have little.. We had to travel far to Amsterdam and we knew we could not travel back home that same night. No money to book a convenient hotel room.The concert was bound to end around 23:00. The first train home was about 04:00. We would be home around 07:00.

We had a terrific time. The concert was great. After that we met new friends.

At 07:00 we were both wasted. But we both felt we shared a beautiful experience.

I am a terrible father. I have two sons and two grandchild's. I teached an will teach them freedom, (option 3...).

Ignoring, the 14 ways to.... I allow them them to f*ck up. I did too. When I can I help them.

What am I trying to say? I will not tell. I have nothing to say. I have no 12 ways to improve yourself. I have no algorithm to 'improve'.

I am. I am me. I think I am a very lucky man.

For now, it concludes my introduction. I am aware of the fact that this post is a bit in the vague area.

Try to be you...

Joris Plaatstaal 9/12/2016 · #29

#28 Dear Lisa. We created a world where 'free' people' deny the freedom of all others. The 'free' people force their 'freedom' upon us.

And we swallow their truth.

We see it as the way we should live our lives.

Oh, we try. We want to be just like them. We all want to be part of the 'happy' few. And we fail.

I don't think the terrorists are our biggest problem. They are just stupid animals. We should be able to deal with a few thousand idiots with tunnel vision.

But we don't deal with that small group. No, the mass is conditioned to fear those idiots.

I am not a psychopath. But I think I understand them. A very smart one would be able to create an enemy the mass would fear. Once the fear is there, the same psychopath, that created that fear will use that fear to control the mass.

And in order to be saved, the mass gives up all rights, happily. Save us!

Because we lost the power to save ourselves............

Most of the people I know trade in their freedom for a nice house, a big car and a big tv-screen. And complain about the way our world operates..............

Are we sheep that think they have a say in who will be their Sheppard?

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 7/12/2016 · #28

#27 Maybe most people are right in the middle, they are both good and bad, leaning more towards good. We all make bad decisions, get mad etc.. it's how we deal with issues as they arise and learn from them that distinguishes good from really bad. Then we have extremes... those who are what I would consider evil or so angry they can't move beyond anger/hate and become like evil people, those are the ones who terrorize and I don't think all 'good' people find fighting wrong. They justify fighting. If we are speaking of fighting, I don't think wars are right- the only time I would agree with fighting is to defend if being attacked and defend others who are being attacked. By fighting and going after others, we end up killing many innocent people too, eg: The war on Terror.. have more innocents died vs. terrorists? Terrorists don't wear uniforms and live/hide among regular civilians who just want to live life peacefully. Terrorists are scattered all over the globe in small numbers when contrasting the amount of people who are not terrorists, how do we fight these people? Very tough question.

Joris Plaatstaal 6/12/2016 · #27

#26 "We need to stay true to who we are and by doing so, we can also help others in ways we may not realize we did. "

Somewhere in the mist of my mind an idea arose.

We have ideas what good and bad is. It seems that 'bad' people stay more true to what they are, and 'good' people tend to have an urgency to try to understand the 'bad' people.

I could be all wrong. But do 'bad' people terrorize and do 'good' people think fighting is wrong? I am not a conspiracy thinker, but........

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 5/12/2016 · #26

#24 "There should be more in life and I only have one life." This is so true and I agree. I write with raw honesty, some people like it others do not care for it. We need to stay true to who we are and by doing so, we can also help others in ways we may not realize we did.

Joris Plaatstaal 27/11/2016 · #25

#14 Thanks, Raquel.

It was great dancing with 17.000 others and my son to this.

It beats social media big time! Nice to meet you too.

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Joris Plaatstaal 26/11/2016 · #24

#23 Hi @Lisa Gallagher. Thanks.

I try to practice what I preach, that's all.

Opening up is a very frightful step. I know. I think that is what society lacks.

I am very pragmatic in my nature. (is that good English?)

I met people who lived their lives, trying to conform to all the rules society have set for us. Do this, do that.
I met people who lived their lives opposing the same set of rules. We call them criminals or outcast.

I can understand both 'species' . We can argue about which one of them is more happy or more free.

And I don't really care. For me, both groups do not represent my own ideas of freedom.

There should be more in life.

I only have one life.

I am glad you call my bit of honesty 'awesome' . Not because I want to be 'awesome', but because that is a conformation of what I experience.

I think it is really true: 'You receive what you radiate'. Being open and honest and respectful is liberating. Once you crossed the line, you can go back, but you never will.
Thank you for your comment Lisa..

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 26/11/2016 · #23

Hi @Joris Plaatstaal, I really like this buzz. You are very open and that is awesome. I choose 3 & 3 on both questions you posed. We've all made many mistakes and I guess we can only try to learn from them.

There are many rules to society and self imposed rules. So many rules can cause stress.

Sounds like you and your son had a great time going to the Concert and there after!

I like to try and just follow my gut, do what feels right, be there for others and when I screw up, learn from it. Life is a 'life long' lesson! Nice to meet you.

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Joris Plaatstaal 26/11/2016 · #22

#13 You are right @David Navarro López. Maybe I am a bit spoiled, being born in Holland. I think I am.

Maybe that is why I don't think that 'being allowed' is freedom.

Holland is fast becoming the next state of the USA. We are losing the freedom, you never had. The freedom of 'political acceptance' and other bullshit.

Almost every society is all about money and power. Even the few that have that can cot be called free.

Freedom should be not having to fear. My freedom is not real, I should fear, but I chose not to. For now it is the best I can get.

Nice, meeting you.

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