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Andean Bear - Endangered - Peru

One of the purpuses of my travels and pictures published is to generate awareness about our wilderness, mainly of the endangered species that we have to take special care about.

In this case is about the andean bear 🐼, which is a cute little cousin of the known big bears. This one is zlso known as the " Ose de Anteojos" or bear with glasses, because of the spots in his eyes. 😎
The problem is that it's population is low, and you just can't plant them and make them grow... Is harder than that! So what we need to do is to support the wildlife, take care of it, is our legacy.

When I went to this forest, found some of this bears taken care of. So I stayed watching them, how they interact with eachother, playing, climbing, fighting, eating. Then managed to get really close to one. He looked a little sad. His eyes still hold that sadness. The man in charge of them told me he was rescued from a local zoo, held in bad conditions and bad fed. So when rescued was underweight, with some scars and a missing toe.

How nice could it be to see that their work achieve their goals and have them free in the forest and watch them in the wilderness, in a bigger population. Maybe just walking and see a whole bunch of them, crossing by, climbing the trees, playing with eachother and with their cubs.

I stayed alone for a while with them, sat quietly and just waited for a while, until one of them reached for me. He came along, close enough to touch his head. Then backed away. Waited some more time and came again. He let me touch his head again, reached for the ears and the back of the head. I don't know if they can smile, but I felt he did. At the end I saw his paws and touched them also... big claws... Was great to see and feel it live not by pictures or video.

This forest is a national reserve, they have other animals also that I will talk about in another article. Is better they are short and easy to read. Would really like some feedback, this is my second day on this network and am ready to go to sleep.

Hope you liked it, here you have some pictures.

Jose Carlos.

Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruClose Encounter

Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruMessage of the Forest

"... THERE IS SOMETGING THAT THE FOREST WISHES TO TELL... Use your senses to discover how the species have adapted to this interesting ecosystem, how it works and why it is important to conserve it..."

Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruHanging on the Tree

Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruComing Down!

Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruChillin'

Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruClimbing!

Andrew Porter Sep 4, 2016 · #19

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Jose Carlos Robles Sep 4, 2016 · #18

@Irene Hackett I'm glad you like it! I loved this experience. How I managed to get that close, even though they are not as dangerous as the other bears, they are still bears. But I felt like a special connection, there are some things hard to describe in words...
I didn't know there were black bears in florida, I just hope they can stick there...
Is hard for the wildlife to get by with people. I just hope we can reach sometime a balance. 😊

Jose Carlos Robles Sep 4, 2016 · #17

@Lisa Gallagher thank you for the comments and following me. 😊 I want these stories to be noticed, and my travels also. I also want to let more people to know about Peru, through my travels, in short stories and easy to read.

Jose Carlos Robles Sep 4, 2016 · #16

#7 @Dean Owen That sucks! I remember when I was younger and lived with my grandparents, somtimes we bought animals for sale on flea markets because of how painful it was to see them in that condition. Then I had to deal with my family and the animals... haha... but after a time I just free them.

Jose Carlos Robles Sep 4, 2016 · #15

Yes @Andrew Porter I think that if we all just contribute a little bit, can make a difference. From my point of view, is better that a lot of people make small things than one make a big thing. Creating conscience and just each of us doing their part. 😉 And, makes you feel better. Good to hear you liked it, I have created a hive called bike travels. Feel free to join. 😊

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Irene Hackett Sep 3, 2016 · #14

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Lisa Gallagher Sep 3, 2016 · #13

#12 @Irene Hackett, yes people are the problem. Hmm a legal open hunt? Do they ever come into the area and tranquilize bears and bring them back to their natural habitats? There are other areas with similar issues and they will only kill a bear if it's aggressive. I would have turned around too if I saw a bear, especially a Momma bear- they are very protective. Good thing you heard a dog barking and you were alerted to it.

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Irene Hackett Sep 3, 2016 · #12

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