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Start Your Own Cross-platform Instant Messaging Like WhatsApp

Start Your Own Cross-platform Instant Messaging Like WhatsApp

WhatsApp is considered to be the Zeus of all Instant Messaging apps. Instant Messaging apps have changed the game of communication through our smartphones. Any bickering relative or manager whom you don’t want to speak in person? Instant messaging apps have come right to our rescue in various ways. So it is obvious that many people with some resources would want to try their hand in the venture only to spiral into oblivion. In this blog, we are going to find out the dos and don’ts of starting your own messaging service.

1. The first and foremost thing that made WhatsApp an instant hit that it is totally free. So to cheer up people and make them notice your app is to make it free or like charge it for low amount yearly.

2. The next thing is the multi-platform availability. WhatsApp started off as an iPhone app and gradually covered all platforms like Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry.

3. Marketing your product is the golden rule of the thumb in any business. You can choose to expand your product’s market through social media and such. Do you know that WhatsApp didn’t even lift a finger for promoting its product? It simply used the time frame when people were searching for a new app that will provide them with instant text messages other than normal texts.

4. The look of the app is the holy grail of the app development. The look and feel of your app constitutes for 90% of the first impression of the user. Trustworthiness, ease of access and non-cluttered look play a major role in your app development. WhatsApp had a crisp interface and added its menu around the home page. Simplicity is the key while designing the UI of your app.

5. Security of the app is vital to secure your customer’s data. Recently WhatsApp introduced End-to-End encryption for the sender and the receiver. The messages sent from your phone are encrypted in your phone and decrypted only at the receiver’s phone. No middle man can access the messages without the private key. Hike messenger also contains a feature called Secret chats that will hide some particular chats. You can use some novel ideas to secure your customers messages and assure them that it is safe to use your app.

Some other important features include sending of multimedia like audio, video, etc, Use of calls through app, Geolocation services, push notifications, and group or broadcast messages. The messaging app that you are going to develop should be able to handle a few million messages at the same time. They should not lag and glitch when a user is trying to send a message. They should have a strong backend capable of spontaneous and continuous exchange of messages back and forth.

Now that we have set the checklist before starting to develop the app there is one important thing to bear in mind: Competition is heavy out there. So have some killer features in your app like digital payments, video stories, business advertising, or even implement a chat bot like Natasha.


Instant messengers are not going out of demand for the time being. They connect people next door to halfway around the world. The market is swarming with lots of Instant Messaging and despite the fierce competition people will still look out for a messenger app that will serve everything on a single platter. Some out-of-box ideas mixed with conventional ones may make your app stand out in the sea. The business side of creating and hosting an Instant Messaging is also low with some cool clone apps without starting from scratch. Create an awesome Whatsapp clone app with well-rounded features and make people text like crazy.