Joseph Sprute en Cybernetics, IT - Information Technology, Technology Founder • ERES Institute 26/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +100



If there might be an epigenetic way to accomplish the global economic for Vacationing, ERES Institute for New Age Cybernetics is working to cipher a Planetary context for what is best.

Research to date can now be seen online at

The Game Theory Remedy for Graceful Evolution involves a 1000 year Human-to-Computer, Computer-to-Human "Future-Map" with Theses and PROOF:

Towards a Federated Reserve/DESERVE; RESCORE NGO: ERES is focused to HELP enable User/GROUP USE to, of, with and for Energy Law Overall and Always, including Meritcology and Paineology for Communties-of-Interest involved with Earth 1st Common Core Efforts to Sustain What is Worthy of Sustenance "AS" Decent Water Food Shelter Work & Love.

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