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A Unicorn of All Trades

A Unicorn of All Trades

A jack of all trades is like a unicorn of all trades. They don't really exist.

I used to tell myself and others that I was a jack of all trades. I was delusional. OK, that might be a bit harsh. I lacked confidence

I lacked the confidence to look within and assess what my life was about. We are the stories that we tell about ourselves. I failed to create a coherent narrative for myself. I avoided learning from the past and thinking responsibly about the future.

Sure, I'm fortunate to have been exposed to a diverse set of experiences. I've learned a little and a lot about many different things. I speak several languages.

So what?

Everyone has strengths, and everyone has weaknesses. I'm not saying that these are innate or permanent, but we all have some strengths and some weaknesses at any given time. Because we're human.

When you hire somebody who claims they are a jack of all trades, you're hiring someone who doesn't know who they are. I used to be that person.

Please, hire them anyway. Maybe you can help them figure it out. These things take time and patience.