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What Crunch Fitness Taught Me

What Crunch Fitness Taught Me
I think I may have unknowingly been a part of some weird psycho-social experiment.

It had been a rough couple of weeks. My wife and I desperately needed to detach ourselves from distractions, and refocus on what's important in life. When I walked in with her to Crunch Fitness on Division St. in Portland, Oregon yesterday at 6:50PM, I was ready for Yoga Sculpt with Juliet.

Juliet is a goddess. She's blown my chakras every single time. Her classes are spiritual, blending harmoniously the attention given to the body and mind. Every class is an originally curated piece of art. It's original because it's authentically Juliet. She's intense, but in a balanced, attentive way. Her yoga classes are choreographed yet dynamic. They give you just the right amount of room to make it your own and grow with it. I love the way she says, "Lift your right leg hiiiiigh."

And I just realized that she's from Fresno, as is my wife.

I've paid about $120 for an entire year of Crunch membership. That's like five yoga classes at a boutique studio. Crunch offers five yoga classes a week. It's also the equivalent of one yoga-with-goats experience at Oregon Farms. For ten dollars a month I get not only a clean, spacious gym with more equipment than I know what to do with, but also a packed schedule of group classes with instructors who know what they're doing. I've been observing and sampling several different classes, and every single instructor runs the show as masterfully as an orchestra conductor. They are always into it. It's clear they are enjoying themselves. That energy spills over.

Little did I know that the class yesterday would not be a yoga class, and that Juliet would be missing from the scene. I should have guessed something was awry by the sinister murmur around me about some "yoga cards" that were of limited supply.

I walk into the studio without a yoga card, and everybody is laying their yoga mats down, so I imitate them. I really like social harmony. It's a Japanese thing.

At 7:00PM sharp, a strange lady announces that there will be no yoga that night, and that she is subbing for dear Juliet.

"This is going to be more of a Pilates class."

And that was kind of it as far as the introduction went. She was a bit nervous about having to be the messenger of surprising news. I get it.

Maybe it was a conscious tactic for