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Murder By Medicine

Murder By Medicine

Believe it or not, after I thought of this title, I realized it was catchy and did a search on it to see if it has been used elsewhere. It has. A doctor left her practice because she could no longer stand the fact that many people are dying because of medications that are being given. Her story is here:

The very people we rely on to save our lives are sacrificing us on the altar of profit. Want to know how much Big Pharma is paying your doctor? Check here:

Dr. Daniels wants to give colleagues the benefit of the doubt. I have no doubt.

Here’s the Medicare numbers:

One of my doctors is living a really nice life. I’m glad I never let him convince me to take that drug he was touting for Multiple Sclerosis. He made a few bucks on that one. But it can elevate blood pressure, and there is a 50% chance that elevation will be permanent. I like my blood pressure just fine, thank you.

Everyone seems to be out to make a buck these days. Many are doing it by plugging a hole in a disease with drugs that open up ten others. I’ve been through the mill with such practices. I think I’m done.

Now remember.  I always go on the supposition that I am not unique.  If this kind of thing can happen to me, it is probably happening to others.  Our facts may differ, but there is, most likely, similarities in our stories.
So here goes.

On September 1st, 2016, I started taking a drug touted to me by my neurologist and her sidekick neuropsychologist. I was beginning to have difficulty grabbing words out of my vocabulary.

“This drug,” the psychologist said, “will impede the progression of that process—stop it dead in its tracks.”

That drug was Aricept. It was considered to be an off-label use. It impacts the brain, and damn did it impact my brain and most of my other organs. I dutifully opened the prescription bottle each and every day to take my dose. By the end of December, I was toast. I experienced rabid insomnia, constant diarrhea, and too many other side effects to mention.

My first bout with the hospital had me instinctively calling my neurologist.

“I have patients to see,” she loudly declared.

The mouse in my mind whispered, but I thought I was your patient. Hell followed.

I entered the hospital two additional times until another doctor finally took me off the drug in May because he felt it was causing muscle spasms, but that wasn't the worst of it. No doctor I had seen even questioned that drug as being the source of my problems. They simply added more drugs—one of which incited temporary blindness. I caught that one quick. I was starting to learn. During my first bout at the hospital, I was put on a combination of drugs by a Nurse Practitioner that causes pre-renal failure in women in my age group. I just happened to distrust that bloke enough to stop the mix after five days. Is my kidney function impaired? Somewhat, but here’s hoping.

In October of last year, I fell. Perhaps you read I made the mistake of grinding to my feet and going home to ensure I was truly hurt. When I finally relented and went to the doctor a few days later, I asked for help and was denied. Complications ensued, my good knee went bad, and instead of help, I got this: // I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that a paycheck was in the offing. I had assets that could be liquidated. Instead of putting me in the hospital to fix my knee, they tucked me under failure to thrive. Now that’s nursing home fodder. Can’t take care of yourself? We’ve got just the hellhole to stick you in. My question is this: Does the hospital dumping you in one of its four affiliate hellholes get a piece of the action? The only way to acquire compassion these days is to have a fat enough bank account to pay for it and keep the vultures away—I mean the two-legged kind.

Luckily, I escaped.

We were once patients. We are now paychecks. When I asked one doctor when medicine went in the shitters, he said, “About the 80’s.” From my point of view, it’s been at least from the 60’s.

I chanced upon a woman on my way out of a building housing one of my doctors. She spoke of her husband’s death. He had had cancer, and he and his wife had been told some miracle drug would save his life. What a heartache. As the husband slowly wound towards death, the wife told the staff, “Hey—he’s dying!” The equivalent back was turned; falsified compassion withdrawn, and the man died. Buck made and the body simply became the meat on a slab it always was.

Dr. Vinay Prasad is trying to raise the alarm on the ineffectiveness of these drugs. They’re expensive, of course, and professionals gain access to fancy clothes and buckets of champagne.

Netflix stocks a few terrific documentaries about doctors, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Don’t take my word for it—watch them. The word is there. Attacking the Devil--the Thalidomide story The Bleeding Edge--medical devices

There is a new’s story on a doctor enriching himself through bad medicine here:

As long as there is a living, breathing, warm body, a bank account can be stocked. And these entities have essentially inured themselves from consequences by taking charge of our legal system. The only way out for the little guy is doing his/her own research.

White-coat syndrome has taken on a new meaning—be afraid—be very afraid.

And by the way...  I hear the FDA gets 40% of its budget from Big Pharma and the Medical Device industries.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Nov 24, 2018 · #38

#37 I bet they do, tickle finger! LOL! :)

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Claire L Cardwell Nov 23, 2018 · #37

#36 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli - thanks to my work at the Institute of Psychiatry doing an MPhil on Caffeine withdrawl (mostly Physiology) I have a lot of experience handling the odd trick cyclist or two. Also the patients laugh at all my jokes!

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Nov 23, 2018 · #36

#35 One day, you must give that ex-therapist a double dose of his own meds :)
Good to hear you have bounced back into work CC! Murder by Medicine, Death by Doctor, Torture by Therapist, the list grows...!

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Claire L Cardwell Nov 22, 2018 · #35

#34 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli - I think I have proved the drugs don't work. I forgot to mention that I had site meetings on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, had to skip Wednesday (eish) but went to one today. I also did not need call in the CDC to clean up the mess (which I did myself after the worst had been removed by my rather exhausted friends).
That's the joys of running your own business in the construction industry. You have to carry on, people are relying on you. My Doctor understands, however my ex therapist thought it was a hobby and I could continue to play in a group home.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Nov 22, 2018 · #34

In an increasingly insensitive and exploitative milieu, it is indeed difficult to get the right treatment at the right price. There is no avoiding the circuitous route and being the guinea pig once too often. But for the exceptions (among both doctors and hospitals/medicare centres), I know for sure that the majority are in it to make the big buck. Hand in glove with insurance and the come lately pharma cos at various levels and via various twisted algorithms.

I also know for sure I would have lost my parents, my wife, and even myself a long time ago if not for medical interventions. You have to give the devil his due ;) After all, medicine and medicare sprung into life with good intentions! There are many who are still busy saving lives and serving humanity - doctors, hospitals, pharma cos included. It is a miracle that so many of us are still around!

That said, it is a rapidly deteriorating situation in general. Too much apathy, cruelty, diffidence, callousness and hostility is evident in the service industry. Sometimes I think it is plain luck, blessings, prayers and serendipity that see us through! Just hang in there girls! :) Like someone said, we are goin' to hell in a bucket, at least enjoy the ride! ;) Seriously, wishing you well and God speed to recovery and normalcy! Thanks for helping so many of us by sharing your experiences through so much pain for us to learn from.

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Claire L Cardwell Nov 22, 2018 · #33

Google search on Abilify Overdose, nothing in particular on more general searches like abilify or abilify symptoms. massaged truth for UK and African Markets...

Wikiedia - buried on bottom of page 2 on google search...almost the whole truth

The scary truth :- buried on page 3 of google search.

That's all I have so far, I have been rather ill and need to concentrate now on what pays the bills, my staff, my inherited children and me. I guess I don't have time to 'tilt at windmills'.

Claire L Cardwell Nov 22, 2018 · #32

3) @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee - the withdrawal is worse than the OD.

On Wednesday I went through official withdrawal. Symptoms include projectile vomiting (tick), very high temperatures (tick), shaking (tick), and a sincere wish to die this time (tick). Luckily people were around to pack my body with ice and clean up the worst of the projectile vomiting and they managed to convince me not to die. I kept telling them to fuck off. And I meant it. They called everyone they could think of that had any medical knowledge at all, including a guy in the states, it was 2:16am his time so they could not get through. I was too ill to move, they tried, but every time they raised my head slightly I would pass out and vomit some more and it took a while for them to get me to be conscious at least.

That was one week later. Abilify unfortunately has a 75 hour half life. So I am still nauseous and battling to keep food down. Well it was touted at a good diet pill - even though weight gain is guaranteed in the States. I wonder if the UK and African formulation is slightly different from the one in the States?

Claire L Cardwell Nov 22, 2018 · #31

2.) Yes @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee - there is more!

Abilify CAUSES BIPOLAR DISORDER straight away - even in overdose and withdrawal, symptoms of OVERDOSE are suicidal thinking (not depression - serious planning), hysterical crying and then functional depression with a 1-2 hour period of cycling between the three. It was only when (during my functional depression stage after I had this experience twice) that I thought about what was really bothering me and wrote it down did the symptoms abate. I had been on 15mg half the recommended dose for BIPOLAR DISORDER - which I do not have. My Doc concurs with me, he just wanted to bring me down from the high I get when my TLE (temporal lobe disorder is switched on). This happened on the Sunday night - four days after I had been told to STOP TAKING IT.