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How to Imperfect your Perfect Life

How to Imperfect your Perfect Life  So. You are living a good life. You have worked so hard to reach here and now u have most of it. So it’s all good in the   “have” area. 

However , is this exactly what you wanted as a child? When you could colour the sky orange and the trees blue just because you liked them that way? In your 'Have's today, you have a lifestyle. You are following everything u need to do to belong, and u do belong... (but have you coloured your world for You?) So much so that now it’s hard for you to even identify what You need or want from what you do! You are not impulsive, you are not spontaneous, you believe in intuitions but only warnings! 

You are not easy on yourself!

Stop the process. Go back to square one on every aspect. Starting from how you want your eggs today instead of what is the right way to have them, which You think you like! Don’t listen to what your mind says at first, choose the other option, let it be wrong, or less good, or a disaster, still chose different! 

Fail! Fall! Regret! 

No one said you have to be perfect! There is no race! There is no competition, there is no one telling you what you can or cannot or should or shouldn’t do. If there are, block them immediately!( one of them is you though). This is that ONE life in which you don’t get to choose if you live or die tomorrow but you do get to choose how good or bad you can treat yourself! What are you doing to yourself??!!

If you think you need to improve something, Introspect like an enemy sometimes! Figure out your worst ,your dumbest , your most uncool straits! Not like ohh I’m so honest, that’s my fault. It’s very hard to accept the real faults.. Get real! Get dirty! Think  what your haters would say and try to improve on that! (Or laugh about it, even being aware means a lot!)

Lastly, you have come this far and can never ever go back a single day even if u want to! Stop wasting time! Live! Trust the wrong people and get hurt, fight, cry, laugh, waste money, enjoy, get bored, do something adventurous and most importantly ask yourself . Ask your heart twice thrice what your heart wants, if the heart doesn’t have an answer, try everything and see what it likes. (Please don’t take another course or class)

Stop pressurising yourself to fit in, to do the right thing. Do the wrong things! It’s going to be over too!! Nothing lasts forever! So give yourself a chance. 

Be brave. Imagine the little girl you were looking up at you.. she was anxious and exhausted of studies, pressure, proving herself.. she’s come so far..find her some joy! 




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