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SET is a progressive premium brand that stands for a contemporary, urban casual look. The collection's progressive image is defined by standout pieces and clear statements.

All pieces are easily combinable and exude a casual elegance which is always paired with an edgy sexiness.
The brand aspires to the highest quality standards – which is why the collection is largely produced in Europe using European fabrics and yarns. Presenting a premium quality product is the priority in every collection.


SET was created by Maya Junger in 2009. The mother of four lived in London for many years, initially pursuing a career as an international corporate lawyer.She herself epitomises the typical SET woman – and embodies the spirit of the brand.She loves the buzz of the world's major cities, enjoys collecting contemporary art and vintage furniture, and is continuously inspired by the zeitgeist.This inspiration shines through in her collections as well as in the brand's head office with its modern mix of art, culture and design.

In just a few seasons, SET – which was established in 2009 – has evolved into an international global brand in the contemporary premium market, making a name for itself with fine fabrics, high-quality workmanship and strong fashion statements. The brand is expanding fast, and has secured France as its top export market.SET is currently available at around 1,000 point-of-sales in some 20 countries around the world.Its distribution philosophy is focused exclusively on high-end specialty retailers and international department stores.

Pics from ist Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

SOURCE: https://www.set-fashion.com/es