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Watson & Parker combines British style with hipster vibe. Their shoes,in various fabrics, leathers and colours, are not just a reinvention of a sneaker, but of unusual shoes, with two fundamental characteristics differentiating them from everything else. They say: " it is de-structured footwear ".

The interior of the shoes is devoid of rigid components, it is completely unlined, made solely of natural materials (leather, cotton, wool, etc.) and boasts a super lightweight sole: All these characteristics contribute to making it one of the  lightest footwear on the market.


Furthermore, it is the result of an artisanal working process, carried out in Italy. The unusual stitching method follows the ancient tradition known as San Crispino. Used by craftsmen and symbolic of the concept of ‘Made in Italy’. The uppers and sole are hand-stitched together with very sturdy thread: too thick for a machine. 

Watson&Parker have revived the fine art of Italian footwear and present it in with a contemporary flavour.Every shoe is a perfect example of skilled craftsmanship, with different positioning possibilities and prices, a classic product produced in series.They carry a precious cargo, mastery and experience: it is plain to see in the painstaking attention to detail, the lining, the uppers and the pursuit of raw materials, the scrupulously hand-crafted techniques, the quality and three-dimensional texture of the fabric and leather utilised in the process.
A unique product in terms of both taste and craftsmanship: a step towards a new form of elegance, in pursuit of the far-reaching vision of great explorers combined with the aesthetic comfort of today’s footwear.

Photos from its Fall/winter 2017/2018 collection.

Source: http://www.watsonandparker.com