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8 Reasons You Should Wear Sun Protection

It is very important to protect your skin all year round. There are so many benefits of using sunblock or sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn at all ages and there should be no excuse not to use it. There are too many people who go without applying sunblock and face UV rays. Many of these will regret not having used sunscreen to protect their skin later in life, which is why it’s so important to spread the word and emphasize the importance on the benefits and necessity of using sunscreen.

The sun's UV rays don’t just shine in the summer or on sunny days, sun screen needs to be worn year round. Although UV radiation levels do vary with time and place there is always a risk of UV damage to the skin and eyes. You should be aware of the level of UV radiation in the country and time period that you are in to apply sunscreen accordingly by strength and reapplication.

“Up to 90% of UV rays can get through light clouds so even on cloudy Irish days you need to protect your skin for UV damage.”
Irish Cancer Society

8 Reasons You Should Wear Sun Protection

8 Reasons you should wear sunblock

There are many reasons why you should wear sunscreen. There are so many benefits that you really ought not to ever leave your house not wearing sunscreen as the suns UV rays are always present, but simply at different rates. Here is a list of 8 of the top reasons to use sun protection:

1. Block UV radiation

By using sunscreen you are blocking dangerous UV radiation from your skin. This process of shielding helps prevent harmful rays from the ozone layer of reaching your body. The constant global changes and depletion of the ozone layer means that our bodies are at a higher risk of damage from the harmful rays. These UV rays damage our skin by causing burns, aging and cancer. Applying sunscreen protects your skin by covering it in a layer which stops the UV rays from reaching skin to cause damage. Therefore sunscreen should be applied all over the body.

Clothing does not protect your skin from passing UV light and therefore although clothing can give you a layer of protection, it isn’t completely protective. For complete protection you must apply sunscreen.  

2. Prevent cancer

Each year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. This is why it is so important to emphasize the importance sunscreen. By using sunscreen everyday throughout the year you are stopping UV radiation from reaching your skin to cause damage. It is this UV radiation from the sun that causes most skin cancers.

As the amount of skin cancers in patients rises it is surprising that there still are people not wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents development of skin cancer by blocking the UV rays.

As there are many types of skin cancer it’s important to block the sun from reaching various parts of your body. Each part is important to protect such as the face, arms, neck, legs and more. Skin cancers can be life threatening and are a very serious issue. You should not take risks with your life by not wearing sun protection. Sun protection is a safe method of protecting your skin and it should be applied daily.

3. Protect your skin condition

Sun damage causes your skin to change as the UV rays damage the cells. This can cause more rapid aging, sun spots, blemishes, dark spots, increased risk of skin cancer and a range of other skin conditions and problems. To protect your skin from changing you should apply sunscreen every day.

Sunscreen helps in making your skin look healthy and youthful by allowing your skin to age without the effects of the sun. You can also prevent blotchiness, blemishes and red veins. In addition if you already have pre existing problems such as varicose veins, they can be made worse from sun damage. The sun actually breaks down the collagen within and the surface’s blood vessels. Sunscreen should be applied to all parts of the body to prevent an array of skin damages.

4. Prevent 

By being in the sun without sun protection you are allowing the UV rays to damage your skin which reaches deep layers of the skin and causes aging of the skin. Aged skin appears wrinkled, saggy, spotty and harder. The problem with these signs of aging is that you can also have a repressed immune system from the effects of the sun as well as the dangers of cancer.

The skin changes from sun damaged aging through the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, reduced elasticity of the skin, sun spots, redness, tanned skin and skin texture. Skin can become dry, leathery and course.

By applying sunscreen you can prevent all these aging effects to have youthful, radiant and healthy looking skin.

In a study research concluded that there is a high increased benefit of preventing aging using sunscreen with results showing that “those who used sunscreen daily were 24% less likely” to have early signs of skin damage from aging.

5. Prevent sun spots

Sunblock and sunscreen help in preventing sun spots. Brown spots and skin discolorations can be prevented and made to fade or stop from darkening by using sunscreen. Sunscreen is important no matter your age as it prevents darkening. Sunscreen not only prevents dark spots but also stops your already damaged skin from getting worse. The higher the sun protection factor the better, you should especially use a factor above 30 on your face.

You must use sunscreen properly in order to prevent sun spots. Sunscreen doesn’t have an instant effect and you should wait 15 to 30 minutes after application before going into direct sunlight. If you are going into water or sweating, you should use waterproof sunscreen. If you don’t have this you should reapply sunscreen.

Sun spots can appear year round, so you need to apply sunscreen year round. Sun rays come through even on cloudy gray days. I is important to apply sunscreen year round.

6. Prevent sunburns

By using sunscreen or sunblock you can prevent sunburns. Sunburns happen when you are exposed to the sunlight for an extended period of time or when the sun is at its strongest radiation. Sunburns can be red, hurt and weaken your skin's texture. You can be sure you have a sunburn if you start to experience your skin peeling, swelling, going red, have hives appear or when it feels irritated. Would you have used sunblock or sunscreen at a high enough factor, SPF 30 to 50 you could prevent this from happening. You need to choose a water resistant sunscreen if around water. Always remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Sunburns can cause painful blisters to appear on the skin which can turn to cancer. You should stay safe and apply sunscreen. If you can’t find sunscreen you should avoid being in the sun as you are not protected from the sun.

7. Enhances skin health and appearance

Sunscreen not only enhances the skin’s health and appearance but it moisturizes the skin. By protecting your skin you are protecting your skin's proteins and cells, such as collagen, elastin and keratin. This results in good elasticity, texture and color. Your skin will feel more youthful, radiant and smooth. Sunblock is a safe and beneficial way for your skin to stay healthy.

Not only do you prevent damage, disease and harms but you are able to preserve your skin and look better. Skin protection gives your skin a more luminous complexion. It’s important to take care of your skin’s appearance. Take care of your skin and you will be doing a lot of good for your whole health at the same time by preventing many skin conditions from forming and causing damage.

8. Prevent tanned skin

Sunscreen prevents tanned skin. Tanned skin is caused by exposure to sun radiation that has damaged skin. Tanned skin is basically injured skin. The body reacts to UV radiation by tanning as a protection mechanism. Our body is then able to repair most of the damage and we go more fair again. However this process is not healthy for our body and skin. Too much tanning can also result in sunburn which means that your tan will quickly peel away as you have caused damage to your skin.This process can result in skin conditions and cancers which is why it’s important to use sun protection while lying in the sun.

Soaking up the sun is fine as long as you wear a sufficient amount of sun protection. Applying SPF 30 to 50 depending on your skin tone and UV exposure you can prevent your body from having an unhealthy and harmful tan.

Tanned skin is not healthy and it is not a good thing to be tanned from sun exposure to UV rays. Tanned skin can lead to skin problems and cancers. Sun protection will protect you from skin tanning and you should apply sun protection throughout your body throughout the year.

Best sunblocks out there

Sunscreens protect us from UV rays in two ways, in either scattering the rays and reflecting them away from our skin or absorbing the UV rays before they enter our skin. Always make sure that your sunscreen says broad-spectrum or multi-spectrum protection so that you are protected from both UVB and UVA rays.

Make sure to use an SPF that is suitable for you. If you have dry skin you can use a moisturizing one, in contrary you can get an oil free one for oily skin. Using a strength that is above SPF 15 is recommended. Always make sure to use a water resistant one if going in water or sweating. Also make sure your sunscreen hasn’t passed its expiration date because if it has then it will not work and won’t have a protecting effect. You will not receive any protection, it will be zero sun protection. Your skin may also become red, blotchy or irritated if the sun protection has expired which will cause you further damage.

“I will never choose between UV protection and beauty again.”
Hillary Fogelson

Future of sunblock

Sunblock is so important for all of us to use throughout the year. We should all make sure that those around us are properly protecting their skin so that they stay healthy. Sun protection allows our skin’s cells to stay healthy and not have damage. We can prevent sun damage, diseases and skin conditions.

“Sun protection doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive — it needs to be consistent…”
Hillary Fogelson

More and more brands are producing sunscreens and oils. You can find them in a range of SPF s, textures and resistances. You can have ones to hydrate skin, moisturize skin and illuminate skin.New sports sun protections offer higher water resistance. New products are emerging such as  tinted mineralized zinc and titanium oxide formulations which we will see more and more of in the supermarkets/

As our understanding of the damage that unprotected sun exposure can do to our skin and body and seek more specialized sun protection, more brands are offering more options. You can find lovely scents and textures in sunscreens and sun blocks these days, as there is one for everyone.

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Have a look at Under the Australian Sun too https://www.bebee.com/group/21510

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PS There is also spray on sun screen but it doesn't work for me !

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@Juan Imaz As you might already know, Down Under we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world - Melanoma. As children, we always wore sunscreen, shirts and hats to the beach. As an adult I still do. My Father was British and I inherited his "white" "untanable" skin ! As a teenager who lived at Currumbin on the Gold Coast this was mortifying ! For someone who likes the beach, sailing, scuba diving and bushwalking even gardening, I have to be very careful. I don't tan. I go from white to red and then peel. Sometimes I have ached from sunburn esp my lips or my scalp or behind my knees.
I backpacked around the world for 1 year when I was 28yo. At that time, I could only find SPF15+. It was annoying as I had to apply it every 2 hours.
I have been using SPF30+ but now in Australia SPF50+ is available. I cant wait to try it ! I also like water proof sunscreen.


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wonderful insight @Juan Imaz! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the lovely share.