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Be Aware! Somebody Is Googling You!

The googling phenomena emerged. Increased time spent on the internet and social networking sites has led to ego surfing and checking others' online reputation and profiles. After meeting a new friend, going on a date, giving a pitch, doing a business, or going for a job interview - chances are that you’ll get googled. The reality is that you are being googled by people you know or have met, and most likely you are even googling yourself. 

Personal branding is the key to having good results when people google you
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

Be Aware! Somebody Is Googling You!

Be it from a PC, laptop or mobile, we are constantly searching and going through information. As we are more and more on the go, today ¨more than half of Google searches now come from mobile.¨ We are now dependent on Google as we no longer go to the library to search for information, we are a generation of ¨Just Google

Why do others google me?

If you use social networks, your life is public. Therefore people will find you in Google searches. Let’s look at why they might be googling you:

  • Interest - One's family, friends and colleagues will often Google search your name. This is because they are interested in your life, movements, what you do, where you go, who you see and follow.   

  • Background check - People may want to do a free background check on you to see the availability of public information on your background as a precautionary measure.

  • Reliability & reputation - Others may check your online reputation by typing your name into Google. This can be used as a base to determine whether you are trustworthy, honest and reliable.

Business - Your potential business partners or recruiters may search you to see if you are ¨confident, capable, and Internet-savvy.

What comes up in a Google search?

In order to improve the results that come up when others Google you, it’s important to understand what comes up when you do get Googled so that you can improve the results. By maintaining a proactive approach and working on your personal brand you can improve the Google search results.

  • Pictures - any pictures that you’ve uploaded online can be viewed when somebody Googles you.

  • Social Networking Profiles - Do you have a beBee, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc account? These are your social networking profiles that will come up.

  • Blogs or Websites - Having blogs and websites that contain your name will pop-up in a search. So a good blog or website where you have posted content, a blog or article will come up.

  • Company Registrations - If you have registered a company in your name, it will appear in a Google search.

By working on your online personal brand through your pictures, social networking profiles, blogs, websites and company registrations you can improve the content that others view when Googling you. You can create what you want to be seen.

Also it is important to make sure that your privacy settings are so that you have exactly the things you want to be public and private set as such.

beBee was created and designed so that you can create, showcase and share your complete personal brand. beBee allows you to succeed in your personal and professional life by showcasing a wide and complete profile. 
Javier camara, CEO of beBee

What search information can they use?

  • Friends - May view your likes, dislikes, pictures  recommendations, videos, etc Friends may analyse and create opinions through your online social behaviour.

  • Recruiters - May view your professional background, recommendations, contacts and social behaviour through your online profiles.

  • Business - May view your business partners, business registrations, professional background, recommendations, contacts and social and professional behaviour through your online profiles.  

  • Family - May view your  likes, dislikes, pictures  recommendations, videos, etc It is often through our online presence that in today’s world we stay better in contact with our families.

Why is personal branding advantageous?

it's advantageous to know as much as you can about the people you're working with.  As Alexander Kjerulf says Socializing with your co workers is essential for your career.

Social media is crucial in job search processes today. So your online personal and professional is very good, it is what makes you shine from the rest. It is important to provide the very best and appropriate information on the web.

The best way to improve is to use beBee and provide a complete overview of the full you. A positive, appropriate and complete you can help improve your job, business and personal opportunities by creating stronger and more honest relationships. On beBee employers, friends, partners and recruiters ¨ get a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of a résumé, cover letter, or interview
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

An online presence is always better than not having one, but you must put appropriate content. Bear in mind that recruiters and companies look at your social media accounts and and 85% of them have said they are less likely to employ someone with an unprofessional account. It is important to check what Google images says about you as potential and current employees may use this tool to to do a search and it is the first thing that pops up.

My recommendations are that you shouldn’t:

  • Post pictures online that you wouldn’t want your potential partners or employers to see

  • Post ill mannered pictures, comments or content

  • Don’t bad mouth or talk ill-founded of others

  • Don’t post false content

  • Don’t share private and confidential  personal or professional information

How can I improve my personal branding SEO? (Google organic search results)

In order to improve your personal branding SEO you should follow these easy steps:

  • Dominate the first page of Google

  • Use beBee regularly. Google loves beBee and you will rank much better if you realize about it.

  • Start a blog on beBee Producer

  • Remove or push down disliked content to improve your reputation

  • Publish relevant content. Better if it is original.

  • Update your content regularly

  • Have a link-worthy beBee blog

  • Post regularly and update your picture regularly. Also stay diplomatic and post appropriate content.

By understanding the fundamentals of personal branding SEO you can obtain better visibility, have a better online reputation and enjoy an lot of benefits.
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

What is the importance of increased privacy and controlling what can be viewed?

It is important to be cautious and careful of the type of content you post. Once posted it is available, knowable, recorded and sharable by anyone at any time. To prevent this, it is important to be responsible, accountable and self-censoring. You can do so by ¨getting those links/photos/high school blog posts removed, or at least make them private.¨

¨Young will have to change names to escape 'cyber past' warns Google's Eric Schmidt.¨ This can be one option to escape from the type of content that we’ve posted in the past and to create a different future. The best way to manage your personal brand is to learn from an early age, to gain knowledge and to adapt.

Through the knowledge, understanding and creation of your online personal brand you can have positive Google results. You must work on your online presence and beBee is a great tool for personal branding for your professional and personal life. Create, showcase and share content at beBee to demonstrate a complete professional and personal profile to strengthen your personal brand and therefore your Google results.

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Great Buzz. This very topic came to my attention about 3 years ago when a friend of my told me to Type my name into a search engine and see what appears. My entire mind was blown. I realized that I wanted to control what was on those first 10 pages.

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google lyon brave

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I like google because it simple and it works. the downfall is getting high on SEO and rankings. its all a numbers game

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Just adjusted my google alerts - great article @Juan Imaz!

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Awesome post, @Juan Imaz The importance of personal branding will be growing from day to day. beBee Producer is a great tool to put you out there in front of your potential customers & partners.

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