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BeBee, the Content Production and Distribution Hub

In order to have a strong personal brand users should have social networking profiles where they can create, showcase and share consistent, relevant, and valuable content to attract and retain an audience. Therefore beBee was developed with our users' needs in mind. beBee is a content production and distribution hub where you can network with like-minded people and only see relevant content.

beBee, the Content Production and Distribution Hub

What is content marketing?

¨Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action

It’s important that users understand what valuable content is and how it can help to strengthen their personal brand. By using social networks that allow you to post the most valuable and relevant contact while sharing with other like-minded people increases opportunities and strengthens relationships. Honesty, transparency, value, and visibility can be obtained from content marketing.

¨Content is the present and future of marketing and beBee is your gateway for exposure and impact.¨ 
Javier Camara Rica, CEO of beBee

Today we should all take time to improve our content, to create good quality content, showcase it in appropriate social networks and share it where relevant. You can tell if a piece of content is the sort that could be part of a content marketing campaign if people seek it out, if people want to consume it, rather than avoiding it.

Why use beBee, personal branding platform all-in-one distribution hub?

It is hard to manage your time between all the different social networks, so by having one where you can create, showcase and share content from all your other social networks in one place can help you in boosting your content, growing your network of contacts and increasing your opportunities.

¨beBee was created as a result of our experience in juggling several social media accounts while trying to produce valuable content on each of the networks. We believe that in having a strong personal brand and being able to manage your content you don’t have to go through a tough balancing act.¨
Javier Camara Rica, CEO of beBee

Here’s why you should use beBee:

Using many social networks to produce content can be time consuming, so to be time efficient create your content on beBee.

Not every social network offers you a publishing platform, LiveVideo, capabilities to post photos, links, videos, jobs, services, personal profiles and company profiles, among others. By having all-in-one helps to manage the content your produce and distribute, and your social networks.

Too much competition and a fight for attention makes it difficult when competing on several of platforms. By having an all-in-one platform helps you to manage your content so that you can gain more like-minded followers and your target audience.

It’s easier to make connections when you have both professional and personal aspects showcased. Your connections can relate to you better and you can find more common interests. This way the content will be of higher value.

Being on one social network these days is not enough. To have your content be valuable and visible it needs to be shared on different social networks.

It can be difficult to create and publish great content, so beBee’s features makes it easier to write and achieve producing great content.

By managing your content you can improve your personal brand and thus your online visibility. ¨Whoever you are and whatever you do, your number one job is to build your credibility on the Internet through native content and social connections.¨

Types Of Social Media Content That Will Add-Value

1. Infographics - ¨Pictures + text = 25% better comprehension¨

2. Interactive content is a ¨better way to educate, entertain and engage your audience.¨ Interactive content involves the audiences participation. The viewer completes an action such as:





Interactive infographic

3. Videos & LiveVideo - by posting videos and LiveVideo’s you have the opportunity to showcase variety. You can communicate messages in a memorable and effective way.

4. Concept Visualizations - Visual images are attractive and fun. They gain the attention of viewers instantly and are an effective way to boost your content.

5. List Posts - Viewers enjoy lists, countdowns, top 5, etc. To gain user interest lists are a must.

6. Positive Content - Positive, inspiring and motivational content is very sought after and can boost your value. Take the time to create positive content.

7. User-generated Content - Engaging with your audience is important. Not only does your audience want to engage with you but they love engagement. It can boost the profiles of both parties and makes for great content. A wonderful example of user-engaged content is Starbucks request for customers to doodle on their cups and submit the pictures as entries. This made for great free publicity and proved that it was fun for both sides. ¨64% of millennials and 53% of baby boomers want more options to share their opinions about brands¨

My tips for content management

Manage your timing - Make sure to see what time is the best to post the type of content you will post for your target audience. Timing is everything.

Have a strategy, be consistent, and plan - For maximum value in your content, try to aim at posting a certain amount every week on a set date. This way your audience will look forward to your content.

Use a variety of content, but don’t get too overwhelmed - You can use the type of content that you are comfortable and capable of producing.

Try new types of content to see how it works for your audience - You can try different types of content to see what has the best reaction and feedback from your audience.

Have fun - Having fun while managing your content is what it’s all about. By showcasing your skills, knowledge and interests through topics that you are interested in will not only allow you to produce quality content but enjoy it while you do it.

Content distribution - What you post on one social network can easily be shared on others. Use beBee as your content creation and distribution hub.

Boost Traffic Through Content Distribution

Content distribution is extremely important as there is so much content available at the moment that it’s crucial to grab your audience's attention on the right platforms at the right time to have them seen, clicked, read, liked, commented on and shared.

beBee is the ultimate distribution platform. beBee has been designed as a publishing platform where you can post all your content in one place. You can share your beBee content on FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and your other social networking platforms. You can post about any subject of any length or type be it video, link, picture or comment in affinity groups. These groups help you connect with other like-minded people. Therefore the content you produce reaches it’s target audience faster.

Content distribution is made simple, easy and fast at beBee. Not only can you share it on your other social networking platforms but due to the high ranking of the content you produce you will get organic traffic from searches.

So why is content marketing so important?

By dedicating time in managing your content you can boost traffic. You will benefit from increased engagement, rank higher on search results, have an increased audience and a stronger personal brand. Thus you will be more credible and visible. Your social networking profile will have a higher value, have higher influence and impact on others and you can receive better opportunities and have stronger relationships.

In today’s competitive market, by having more contacts and more influence on others you can achieve bigger impact and receive more opportunities. There is also a fun social side of content marketing, you will enjoy the process and it can become a lifestyle. Social networking today is part of life and therefore creating a strategy for your content is important in improving your opportunities.

Here are some statistics to prove the importance of content marketing:

Content increases traffic as a result of recall and in return higher engagement

7.8 times more site traffic can be achieved through content marketing

Content marketing is 62% cheaper than other forms of marketing but creates more traffic

73% of big companies hire for content marketing positions

60% of marketers post content daily

90% of companies have content marketing strategies

Through content marketing you can achieve exposure, impact and power. Everybody wants to present their followers with fresh and unique content and maintain a strong personal brand which is attractive. beBee offers an all-in-one content management and distribution hub to create, showcase and share content that strengthens your personal brand while allowing you to manage your time, produce varied content and add-value. beBee has been created with your content management needs in mind.


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"Too much competition and a fight for attention makes it difficult when competing on several of platforms. By having an all-in-one platform helps you to manage your content so that you can gain more like-minded followers and your target audience". Very-well said @Juan Imaz and I testify to the validity of this statement. BTW- I dedicated my last buzz Spilled Ideas to explaining why I use beee only

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