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Blockchain and Fintech Specialist Graham Doggart Joins Profede as an Advisor

Profede announces Graham Doggart as Advisor before it’s ICO Crowdsale begins. Profede welcomes Graham Doggart’s experience in the fields of blockchain and fintech. Graham is the Co-Founder of DynamicAbundance, the FinTech advisory since 2012 that specializes in blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain and Fintech Specialist Graham Doggart Joins  Profede as an Advisor

LONDON - 09 March 2018 - Profede is pleased to announce that Graham Doggart is joining it’s advisory board in the game-changing ICO that is a decentralized professional protocol aiming to transform the professional industry by removing intermediaries and giving the power back to the people through the fair exchange of their online data.

Grham Doggart is an ICO Advisor, Blockchain and Fintech Mentor. As an expert he will advise Profede in structuring and packaging of token offerings as this is his speciality. Graham has worked with numerous blockchain projects. He has coordinated and executed projects and campaigns that have created revenue streams in excess of $100M globally.

“Graham’s in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry is so important to Profede. His technical analysis solutions and digital strategies will help us take Profede to the next level. Profede feels very honoured to have such a strong advisor join the team.”
Juan Imaz, CEO of Profede

Graham’s role as an advisor is important for the continued growth of Profede as it starts it’s crowdsale of the ICO. Graham’s experience as a growth consultant and ICO Advisor will enable Profede to depend on Graham for his expertise in executing the project and campaigns to maximise revenue and success. Graham’s knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain world will be crucial.

About Profede

Profede strives to give back control and power to the professional users over their online data through it’s professional decentralized protocol with blockchain. Professionals, businesses and apps will all benefit from the use of Profede’s protocol as they are all able to exchange data fairly and find and offer relevant opportunities. Businesses will no longer need to pay intermediaries large amounts of money because through using Profede’s protocol they will have the possibility of deciding who they contact and therefore selecting who they want to pay for instead of paying for large amounts of candidates that might not be useful. The exchange of data should be fair and transparent and professionals should be in the profit equation, which is why at Profede they will earn tokens for each time they exchange their personal data.

Profede has already surpassed it’s softcap of $1.5M before it started it’s current public presale. Profede will start their public crowdsale on June the 01st 2018 with a set hard-cap at $20M.

Profede is one ICO that is here to disrupt the professional industry that is worth over $1000bn. Profede uses blockchain to bypass intermediaries in the professional industry and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. Through this protocol professionals are able to control their personal data and get paid for each exchange of data with businesses or other professionals who contact them. Each time a business wants to access a professionals data be it for a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer or a specific business proposal tokens are paid. By making data valuable and eliminating intermediaries Profede is able to achieve bringing essential value to professionals and businesses.

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Congrats! Profede is growing by leaps and bounds.


Big, big team.

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Congrats Graham Doggart!

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