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Content Creation, A Must To Attract Audience And Consumers

Communication proliferates over the internet and content is king. With so much information available your point of differentiation is through how valuable and entertaining your content is. You must be able to attract and hold the attention of your followers through your content, therefore content creation needs a strong strategy and dedication. In order to have a strong personal brand your ability for content creation will make a difference.

As consumer behaviour is changing, we need to adapt to the changing market environment. Content creation is important in creating a strong personal brand through which you can attract your audience and consumers. In the saturated online world there is too much information making time valuable. Content has to be attractive, varied, consistent and knowledgeable. ¨Nobody has time to read ‘empty,’ hard to comprehend information

Content Creation, A Must To Attract Audience And Consumers

Essential content creation skills

With constantly increasing internet traffic, communication is booming on social networks and we are confronted by an information overload. To produce relevant and valuable content you must have the ability and skills needed for robust content creation. A mix of skills is required to create outstanding content that will attract the attention in the overloaded market.

¨Content is king, and if you want to be the king of social networks you must dedicate time and effort into your content creation
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

Creativity - You need to be creative in order to motivate and inspire through your content. You should have creative ideas transmitted through your content as this provokes the mind of the reader and attracts interest.

Knowledge or expertise - You should have knowledge and expertise in what you are writing be that from your own knowledge or using the information you have researched and obtained. Your content needs to stand out and be reliable through its facts.

Strong research proficiency - in order to produce content of high value, you must have good investigation and research skills required to obtain the latest information, facts, figures and statistics. You must also know how to appropriately contain the gathered information in your own content making it your own but correctly and appropriately referencing any sources of information.

Basic SEO skills - Great content requires knowledge of basic SEO skills in order to know what title is appropriate through the understanding of keyword research and link building to optimize your content for Google

Memorable titles - Your title is crucial as it a factor in why people click to read the content. Make your title interesting and memorable. Your title needs to grab attention.

Editing skills - To create a masterpiece of content you must have skills in proofreading, designing and layout. You must know when to rewrite, remove or add parts. Great content needs editing and modifications.

Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.
Marc Mathieu, Global SVP of Marketing at Unilever

Planning and timing skills - For maximum results in achieving great content, planning and timing is key. Topics can be weaved into relevant current events. Knowing how to plan and time your content can make the difference in being reliable and relevant.

Writing skills - Mastering your language and writing skills is important for perfecting content. Your content should have clear, concise and efficient to the reader.

Visual enhancements - Visual enhancements improve the impact of the content. Learning how to make the most of various visual enhancements and placing them appropriately allows you to create the perfect content.

Lay out - Presentation of the content on the web and appropriate graphics make all the difference in producing great content. The layout should be easy to read and visually attractive.

Appropriate distribution skills - To make your content great it must be read and delivered to the right places. Interaction across social media platforms in real time will prove that others have read your content and verify that it is great. 

I encourage you to use beBee as your content creation and distribution hub so you save time and money for you and your business.
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

Consistency - To achieve good quality content you need to stay consistent and maintain a similar level throughout. Your content can be varied but you should be able to maintain a consistency in the ¨voice¨ and delivery of the information.

Technical skills - Thanks to beBee, delivering and creating great content for your own blog, social networks or websites is now much easier and cost effective so you do not need special technical skills.

Effective citing and referencing - To create high-quality content you must be accurate and authentic. To use information from others you need to know how to effectively and correctly cite and reference, otherwise you are stealing information. You need to reference any ideas, words or works of other people when producing your own original content.

Global appeal - an outstanding piece of content to achieve global appeal must not be offensive, must be fine-tuned and contain good ideas, information and attract a mass audience.

Fresh content - Great content creation requires production of fresh content that is up-to date, engaging and would have high search traffic. Keeping your audience informed and updated on relevant topics allows for fresh content.

Appealing and interesting - Your content should engage your audience in conversation and connect with them. Your content should evoke emotions.

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Understanding what makes bad content

In today’s social networking culture bad content can stain or ruin your reputation and reliability. As important as understanding the essentials of creating great content you must understand what makes content bad. By understanding what makes up bad content for you and your audience, you can save time and effort into producing content that will work for you.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” 
Benjamin Franklin

Pointless- If your content doesn’t provide value or real-world information to your reader it’s pointless.

Examples of pointless content include:

1. Sales material that is of no interest to users

2. Too much information which is confusing

3. Lack of consistency

4. Content created for a different audience which doesn’t engage your audience

5. Useless content that doesn’t receive any likes or relevants, means that it is not performing

Unreliable - Inactive, unreliable and untrustworthy information won’t engage your audience. Once your followers stop trusting you, you will lose credibility and you content loses its value. It’s important to stay credible to have valuable content.

Continuous and repetitive - If you are repeating yourself time and time again, chances are that your content is not good and varied enough. Posting the same content over and over again will not engage your audience.

Misleading and spammer style auto-promotion - Users don’t like to mislead to or spammed, so if you are taking this approach it’s best to stop. You will easily lose engagement and followers.

Boring - If your content is boring you will put your followers to sleep, and they will stop following you. To tell if you are boring your audience you can check to see if:

1. Your engagement rates are low (no comments, no likes, no shares)

2. You have less followers, and an increased number of unfollowers

Senseless and dated - If the content you are posting is outdated and not of interest then your content is bad. If you are talking about things that aren’t relevant or have no sense then you are wasting your time.

Inappropriate - Content should be appropriate to your audience and to a mass audience. Here are some examples of what is inappropriate:

1. Content promoting anti-social behaviour, self-harm promotion, illegal weapons or substances

2. Content displaying extreme views of hate, views or terrorism

3. Age-appropriate content suitable to the audience you are writing for.

4. Illegal content (content that breaks local or international laws).

Take time to create content that is relevant, of interest, reliable and current. With so much information it is important that you deliver worthy good quality content which will improve your personal brand.
Netta Virtanen, Chief Communications Officer of beBee

 If you produce bad content time and time again you will lose followers and essentially lose credibility weakening your personal brand. You should also consider producing content that will appeal to people. ¨One of the biggest challenges that bloggers and content marketers face is writing content that’s optimized for search engines, yet will also appeal to people.¨ Writing quality content requires you to have essential skills needed while understanding what makes poor quality content.

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How to Judge the Reliability of Content

¨The deluge of information in modern times by the media and other information sources has led to daily “bombing” of the average human brain with such a large volume of information which could overload even a powerful computer, according to a new U.S. scientific research.¨ So how can we judge what information is relevant, reliable and of interest?

Credibility of author / profile / source - check the identification details of the author. If they are provided and the author has profiles on the internet, then you can judge the content to be from a credible source.

Motivation behind content - If you can tell that the content was provided for interest, awareness, knowledge or sharing purposes then you can judge the content better.

Sponsorship / bias / representation - if the content is created by a sponsor, by a company promoting the product that go hand-in-hand or a party that represents the content then the content may be biased and can easily be judged. For example if you are reading the benefits of wine which is sponsored by an alcohol brand or chain or restaurants selling this particular wine for example, the content may easily be judged to be biased content.

Inactive and outdated - if the content is produced by a profile which no longer exists, we can judge the content to be outdated.

Organization - If the content was organized, easy to navigate, complete, interesting, updated, current and credible then it can be deemed as great content based on its organization structure.

Verifiable - If you can find information to support that the content is correct then it is of good quality.

Content Creation Statistics

Based on content creation and content marketing statistics we can conclude that in 2017 we will see an increase in companies and individuals spending time and focus on content. The future of SEO is in social signals and knowledge from the voice of people, which is in relevant, useful and current content.

211 Million pieces of content are are created online every minute

Typically 18% of companies’ blog posts contain 750 words or more

Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders

Blog posts that are long-form get up to 9X more leads than short-ones

72% of marketers had effective SEO results from relevant content creation

30% of marketers say their organization is effective at content marketing28% of total marketing budgets on average are used for content marketing

32% of B2B marketers say they have a documented content marketing strategy.

How Great Content Creation Affects Your Personal Brand

Great content will allow you to strengthen your personal brand by driving sales and opportunities, increasing leads, engaging your followers and boosting your awareness. The benefits of effective content creation are endless for your personal brand. 
Netta Virtanen, Chief Communications Officer of beBee

Here are some examples:

More engagement - truly engaging content creates higher engagement which has a strong and positive effect on your personal brand

Rate highly - Having effective content allows your audience and followers to view your personal brand as interesting. Content variety and volume allow your profile to keep being noticed and engaged

Have influence - By being a market leader and educator your personal brand will have strong impact and influence on your followers

Cost effective - You can spend less money on PR services by spending more time on content creation and marketing. You can achieve a better ROI. Use beBee to simplify your content creation and distribution cost.

Leads and opportunities - By having quality content you can improve your possibilities of opportunities.

Reach your target audience - By spending time on content creation you can attract the target audience and followers desired. You can have a greater impact on others and reach those who you want to deliver your message and content to.

Increased search ranking - Through successful content your personal brand will be stronger, as such you will rank higher on search engines.

Increased network of contacts - Your contacts and followers will increase gradually as you post content. You will attract followers who will want to read and see your content.

Brand awareness - As you post regularly and achieve a level of quality content, your followers will increase and your ranking. These will increase awareness of your profile and/or brand.

Positive analytics - Great content, increased followers, higher rankings will allow higher consumption, sharing, lead and sales rates.

Where is content marketing going?

In 2017 the estimated time spent on content creation per user is expected to increase. As well as for individuals, ¨content continues to be a foundation for business to drive growth, deliver value and revenue, and increase engagement.¨ There is a dramatic growth in content marketing as users see the possibilities of personal growth and benefits that others have achieved. As there are more and more social networks available to reach a greater audience the cost effectiveness of spending time on content marketing and being able to achieve endless opportunities is driving this market to new numbers.

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PQ Media estimates that total spending on content marketing in 2014 was about $145 billion and is expected to reach $313 billion by the end of 2019. In 2017 the popularity of content marketing is on the rise. 

More and more users are turning to beBee as a personal branding platform in order to attract new followers and to be able to blog long-form content in interest-based groups which is not available on other social networks. 
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

Companies such as beBee as well as the more traditional social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are seeing an increase in the amount of content being posted, showcased and shared. Users are eager to develop strong personal brands, and as such content creation and content marketing is on the rise.

To achieve a strong personal brand you should spend time in creating a variety of quality content following the essential content creation skills. beBee allows you to create long and short-form posts, upload photos, videos, LiveVideos and links. beBee has become a requirement for anybody who wants to have a strong personal brand. beBee was developed to inspire and motivate your content creation through its many features and interest based hives though which you can create, showcase and share your content to create a strong personal brand.

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No argument from me on this. BecauseI believe that, for example, LinkedIn's huge surge in growth came immediately following its introduction of its longe-form post publishing sub-plstform. And I suggest to beBee it would do well not to underestimate the value of its Producer. Cheerss!

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