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How much will the equity of our beBee Ambassadors be worth?

Now that Linkedin has been bought by Microsoft it is time to compare and calculate how much the equity of beBee's Ambassadors could be worth in the future.

Just in case you still don't know anything about it, beBee is the first social network that is going to share a part of its equity, and therefore, future upside with its brand Ambassadors.

What's a beBee brand Ambassador?

How much will the equity of our beBee Ambassadors be worth?

Somebody who helps beBee to grow and generate an engaging community of users. Somebody who does the following things: 

  • Promotes beBee on the Internet
  • Invites his/her contacts
  • Writes stories on beBee Producer (our publishing tool for producing honey -long stories-)
  • Shares relevant content 
  • Thinks in adding value to beBee in both quantitative and qualitative aspects

Microsoft has purchased the professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion but... how much was Microsoft paying for each of LinkedIn’s reported 433 million users, and how does that figure compare to other transactions? Let's see a list of similar companies that either have exited or are currently public to see how this deal’s $60 price per user stacked up. It’s definitely on higher end because Linkedin is a professional social network like beBee.

How much will the equity of our beBee Ambassadors be worth?

It is not bad a $60 valuation per registered user considering that Linkedin only has about 25% of MAUs (monthly active users). 

Even though we think that beBee will have a higher level of MAUs, registered users, and ARPU (average revenue per user), let's consider the same Linkedin's value per user and the same amount of registered users for beBee in the future: 433 million and $60 per user, just to calculate how much the equity of our brand Amssadors would worth.

For every 1% of equity that beBee books for them our Ambassadors would receive $262MM.

Now, let's consider that we will have up to 50 brand Ambassadors for every 1% of beBee's equity booked to them. This is $5,2 million for each one of them. And... if beBee performs better? How much would it be?

In this life there is nothing guaranteed but we firmly believe in our joint potential to make beBee the next big thing in social media.
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

Do you want to share the success with us? Join our Ambassadors program! https://www.bebee.com/ambassadors

I love ❤️ beBee!!!

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Just for math compilation, how many B.As are we today October 4th, 2017?

Itziar Ruiz López 14/3/2017 · #97

#95 #96 Hi @stephan metral, as @Javier 🐝 beBee told you, we are trecking all the requests. We hope to tell you something in these weeks. We will consider your application. Have a good night!

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#95 @stephan metral I already told you we are tracking all activity from our potential ambassadors. We can not reply to everybody since we get tones of applicationa per day. All you need to be ambassador is working hard on promoting beBee off-platform. Many thanks! @Itziar Ruiz López

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Any idea why there is no follow-up after Ambassador's application ? Someone ?

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Ivette K. Caballero 11/3/2017 · #94

#87 I agree.

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@Aurorasa Sima @Aleta Curry I love your humor sense ! :-) have a great week !

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