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Introducing Profede: Empowering Professionals Globally

Modern data-driven culture has advanced many industries including recruitment, professional services and the way we conduct business, but expect even further advancements as Profede’s horizontal protocol is capable of disrupting a global market. Blockchain-based Profede enables professional users to gain back control, power, and privacy from the jeopardizing methods which currently exist. Professional users set a price that they are willing to accept for responding to contact requests and mails and decide who they want to approve contact with, making users the main participant in the profit equation.

Introducing Profede: Empowering Professionals Globally

Users earn tokens each time they approve of sharing their contact details and responding to an offer, so that they always feel fairly compensated for investing the time and effort to study proposals. It’s time for professional users, who are the real data creators, to rightfully make a profit from responding to offers, and be added to the value chain. Data creators should be rewarded for creating the data and for the time and value they add to the apps they are using, but today users are not receiving money for this while the apps they are using are making billions. Not only do we create data but we are bombarded by contact requests, mails and proposals from companies who paid large amounts to the apps to sell their products and services to us. Why should these centralized platforms own and control our data while they profit from selling our data?

Recruitment websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, among other companies, are making billions off of our data and through intermediaries paying to use these sites to target users to sell their product or service to while users receive nothing. Profede is being developed to change this situation, so that users can be rewarded for being data creators and for sharing their data with other contacts.

Below are 5 ways in which users can build value on Profede through sharing their professional data with requesting parties on the protocol:

1. Professional Services

Professional service companies can pay to gain access to pitch to a decision maker, who in return can make money from being pitched at. These professional service companies can be in various industries from legal, advertising, architecture, accountancy, financial, engineering, among others which offers customized, knowledge-based services to clients. Professional services companies can use Profede to maximise profitability.

The transaction of data sharing on Profede only occurs when one party solicits to contact for a certain amount of tokens that has been pre-set by users and the requested party accepts. Only once authorization through a response action has been made is there a release of data ensuring that the data is protected and that each transaction is transparent. Profede’s process ensures that information is accurate and comes from the official source, the data creator themselves.

The price that is set to gain access to your information will reflect how accessible the user want to be. User information will be validated by the community, creating credibility and trustworthiness. Users will be paid once the data creator has authorized and clicked the response action ensuring transparency and empowering data creators.

2. Influencers

An influencer usually receives a lot of interest from third party companies wanting to collaborate and take advantage of their market influence. This of course has value, as the influencers data is highly valuable for brands. Because of this, we believe that the exchange of this information should be rewarding to influencers and that influencers should only receive serious offers of interest.

By having a pre-set price created by influencers on Profede, influencers will only receive offers of high interest as they will be relevant and serious offers. On current social networks influencers get so many messages and contact requests that it’s hard to keep up with all of them, and on top of that finding the serious ones that would really be relevant is a difficult and tedious task. That’s why with the use of Profede these current day problems for influencers are eliminated. Influencers at Profede can enjoy knowing that their time is compensated and they can have a higher success rate of making the right connections and getting the best opportunities.

3. Professionals looking for a new job

Professionals seeking a new job or opportunity can create a profile at Profede and be community verified for their greatest aptitudes as professionals. Professional opportunities will be effortlessly presented to users through the use of this blockchain-based protocol and also regardless of whether they get the job in the end, they will still be rewarded for having shared their data with the other party. As personal data is valuable, Profede believes that for each time users authorize and click the response action to send their professional information to the other party, they should always be rewarded.

Profede rewards professionals through PATO tokens. These tokens will compensate professionals for their data as it is valuable to companies looking for candidates and for professionals with whom to engage in new business opportunities. Professionals who make their private data -including their contact details- available to companies interested in hiring them will be rewarded. Rewards will come in the form of tokens, called Professional Activity TOken (PATO), and it will be both professionals and businesses who have control of this currency.

4. Recruitment

When searching for a new employee, recruiters want to ensure that they target the best individuals for the job required. With Profede, recruiters will be able to do this. Recruiters Will be able to conduct a well-defined search where the professionals will be much more receptive to relevant offers. As professionals only receive serious proposals from recruiters resulting in a win-win situation.

PATOs can be exchanged for services offered by various organizations such as recruitment services for companies. These PATO tokens will make it easier for the recruiting market to shift from being in the main social networks and job portals possession to being in the hands of professionals and businesses themselves.

Technological advances mean that recruiters can store data from applicants and access them instantly when they have a job vacancy, ensuring that the process is effective, fast and cost-effective. This ensures a higher success rate.

The future of recruitment will be based on the adoption of business models built on blockchain. As social networks and bloc-based resources expand globally and faster than ever before, professionals and businesses will be able to contact each other directly, eliminating intermediaries and avoiding their costs. Profede will help recruiters ensure a higher success rate, cost-effective and easy manner of conducting business.

5. Business-to-Business and Freelance deals

Business-to-Business opportunities should be more beneficial for both parties. The business that is advertising their prospects through Profede will be rewarded directly if they accept a discussion request from a business that wants to talk. In addition, the company that is requesting to talk knows that their offer will be taken seriously as they have requested their attention via a token payment.

In order to develop social selling, a decentralized professional protocol like Profede is able to advance the interactions of professional and business connections. Profede applies powerful patterns to design a more transparent and meaningful medium for professionals and businesses to engage in value creation. With a decentralized approach, previously wasted marketing dollars are redirected to job offers that reach professionals who are genuinely interested in job opportunities in which the rewards offered are truly appropriate. With a well-conceived blockchain system, professional profiles can rise from shadowy privacy-invasive metadata, owned and controlled by third parties to search metadata owned by the professionals themselves and selectively disclosed only when relevant to the search. This creates a privacy-friendly marketplace where professionals and businesses share value creation. By storing professional data securely in the public blockchain (i.e., providing anonymity and selective data sharing), new forms of rewards and loyalty programs will emerge.

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#4 @Brian McKenzie the service will be open for anybody. The only restriction for US Citizens is that they can NOT invest in Profede's ICO. www.profede.com

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Brian McKenzie 10/5/2018 · #4

Log-in attempt..... □ I am not a citizen of the US or P.R.C.
so, is this service not open to Americans of the US persuasion ~ even if I havent been there since 2012 ?

Brian McKenzie 10/5/2018 · #3

Just submitted a resume that went straight to the #BlackHole - 😠
Me: Resume, ATS Profile, email follow up, twitter note, instagram note, attempted linked in connection and 2nd email.
Them: Not one single response - not even an auto form.
Hopefully this token system works better than the traditional sieve of HR portals.


read, see the benefits and share!

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interesting @Juan Imaz I am sure all bees can see themselves in one or more of the categories you mentioned and receive benefits from being part of Profede. Thank you for informing us on these benefits of Profede.

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