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Join the Profede Airdrop Rewards Program  for 100 Free PATO Tokens

The Profede Airdrop rewards program has started. Earn tokens for free for each successful task completed. By completing the three airdrop tasks you can earn up to 100 free PATO — Professional Activity Token — tokens. These airdrop tasks not only help us to reach new heights but earn tokens for you.

Join the Profede Airdrop Rewards Program  for 100 Free PATO Tokens

Profede is a new ICO that brings power back to professionals with blockchain. Profede's blockchain-based protocol was designed to help professional users gain back control, power, and privacy from the jeopardizing methods which currently exist. Professional users set a price that they are willing to accept for responding to contact requests and mails and decide who they want to approve contact with, making users the main participant in the profit equation.

Users earn tokens each time they approve of sharing their contact details and responding to an offer, so that they always feel fairly compensated for investing the time and effort to study  proposals. It's time for professional users, who are the real data creators, to rightfully make a profit from responding to offers, and be added to the value chain. 

What do I need to do to earn the free tokens in the airdrop?

The airdrop tasks that you can participate in to earn tokens include firstly joining our Telegram group to earn 50 Tokens, secondly following us on Twitter to earn 25 tokens and thirdly retweeting our pinned tweet to earn 25 tokens. By completing the three tasks you can earn 100 tokens for free. Join the airdrop program now by signing up at https://profede.com/

Please stay tuned to our channels for the latest news and updates.


To Join Register at: https://profede.com/

Join Profede’s Telegram: 50 Tokens

Join Profede’s Twitter: 25 Tokens

Retweeting Profede’s Pinned tweet: 25 tokens

Total Reward: 100 tokens

Go to AIrdrop Program: https://ico.profede.com/user/airdrop

Happy airdrop receiving!

A short video on how Profede works

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you can only be 'pro' Profede, the benefits are waiting for you there!


thank you @Juan Imaz I loved that the video was clear and short. The message is clear, thank you for having brought it under our attention.

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What would I do with the token coins?


Great, Bill Stankiewicz joined Juan.