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Personal Branding Examples to Learn From

Be inspired, amazed and dumbfounded by these exceptional examples of personal branding.  Create your own noteworthy personal brand by creating a complete showcase of your personal and professional profile at beBee. beBee allows you to create, showcase and share a wider range of you so that friends, family, partners, employers and recruiters can see your knowledge, experiences and interests to have better a better relationship with you and to increase your opportunities.

There are a wide range of social networks to choose from. Through the different social networks we can showcase our personal brand through great examples of personal brands. We can use these profiles for professional use, socializing, dating and for combined reasons.

Here’s some of my personal inspirations as great personal branders. It does not mean that I necessarily like them as professionals but yes that I acknowledge their capacity of building strong personal brands.

ANTONIO VALLEJO CHANAL: Digital Marketing Guru

Antonio, a digital marketing expert, has over 19066 followers on beBee and over 78.2K on Twitter. He is a digital marketing guru who we can learn a lot from his strong personal profile. His proactive and enthusiastic approach to the social profiles leaves his followers inspired.

Immediately you can see his knowledge and interests through his personal brand. His content is very educational and helpful. He is very engaged, on the ball and up to date with the latest technology and the digital online world.

Personal Branding Examples to Learn From


¨Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.”Sir Richard Branson

Sir Branson is an international entrepreneur,  founder of the Virgin Group, adventurer, author, philanthropist, icon and leader. Richard Branson is very successful in the business world but beyond that he has an active, important and strong presence online through his personal brand.

Sir Richard Branson’s personality can be seen throughout his various social profiles. Immediately you get the sense that he is bold, funny and positive. He is passionate about what he stands for and is very outgoing and driven. He not only tells of his experiences but also describes how he has learnt from his failures. He’s extremely charismatic and only leaves followers to admire him.

His profiles not only show that he is proactive and posts often. This content is positive and inspiring. He not only uses various social networks but also blogs. I would go as far as to say his personal brand is one of the strongest and the one I look up to the most. He is an example for all seeking to improve their personal brand.  


Where to start, this super star singer, songwriter and diva has a huge following over various social networks. She ¨appeals to a relatively large fan base appealing to a mix of cultures, races and genders.¨ Through her talent, determination and good marketing strategy she has been able to obtain the most Twitter followers in the world.          

¨Entrepreneurs can learn a great deal from these acclaimed pop divas—because beyond the red carpets, awards shows and paparazzi, both singers have done phenomenal jobs building and maintaining their personal brands


Cristiano Ronaldo, the world renowned soccer star,  has over 119 757 312 likes on Facebook and even more on Twitter. He is in a league of his own as he tops all other sports athletes. Cristiano is in the ¨200 million club and is the first athlete to do so.¨

Ronaldo plans ¨to focus mainly on growing his personal brand when his playing days were over.¨

Through his social profiles we can see that he is hard-working, athletic, determined and passionate. The Portuguese player has promoted his line of products and merchandise online through his social accounts reaching millions around the world.

Ronaldo has very cleverly used social media for his benefit and to attract millions of users who are keen to learn more and even buy into his brand. Followers want to know about him, are inspired by him and even want to be him.


Justin Bieber owes his fame to YouTube. He shot to fame after his mother posted videos of him singing covers to songs that she posted to YouTube. These YouTube videos were discovered by Usher who then signed him up and a star was born.

It should therefore be no wonder that he is on my list of the best examples of great personal branding. He has over 91.7M followers on Twitter and his online presence is very strong. ¨He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100

Through social profiles often fame can be found, an online reputation and an enormous following. Today these are very important and positive results to achieve. Justin Bieber has achieved just this and his online profiles are inspirational examples to learn from.


Michelle Obama is an incredible example of a role model for women worldwide. She is followed by millions around the world and is an inspiration politics aside.

Through her social accounts you can see the intelligent, hard-working and skilled individual that she is. You can see that her efforts, initiatives, thoughts and leadership strengths.

It is interesting to see how she has gained her own unique personal brand that is different to that of Barack Obama. Although that has aided her to her success, she has herself taken great effort to demonstrate and portray the real her. Her personality, her fun side, her own public speaking, engagements and style.

Michelle Obama is a prime example to demonstrate that even at the highest political levels, a strong personal brand will allow your audience to understand and get to know the real you. She has demonstrated her personality, interests and knowledge through her social profiles, a side of her that we don’t see often in the media.    

We should all learn from these amazing examples of personal branding.

Through these social profiles we can see a better picture of industry experts, celebrities, politicians, partners, recruiters and companies. Personal branding is the key to success in today’s modern world.

beBee is a great place to create, showcase and share personal and professional content to show a complete you to the world. To strengthen your personal brand you can post pictures, videos, buzzes, live videos and share these on other networks through beBee. 

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Personal branding is the key to a successful you, yourself, and you. Maintaining your personal brand is even more important. It can be done but it is difficult to come back from a tarnished reputation.

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