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Profede and TMP Worldwide Spain Announce Partnership

Profede is thrilled to announce the partnership with TMP Worldwide Spain as the next move to enhance the recruitment and job search process.

Profede and TMP Worldwide Spain Announce Partnership

Profede’s blockchain-based protocol allows users to earn tokens each time that they authorize to share their professional data with requesting parties and respond to an offer. Through Profede, professional users get control over their data, can make money, and save time.

TMP Worldwide provides human resource recruitment solutions. The company operates in various areas, including recruitment advertising, interactive communications, response management, employer branding, student communications, and employee communications.

Today the recruitment process can be tedious, lengthy and complex, which is why Profede’s protocol brings back a simplicity to the recruitment process. Profede cuts out the middlemen who charge large amounts and profit from selling on user data, by putting the control in the hands of the professional user. The user is the one who decides what price to share their data at, with whom they want to share their data with and which parts of their data they are willing to share. Each time that another party requests to receive data, users have to approve and authorize the request ensuring control and transparency. Through the use of Profede, businesses no longer would have to spend excessive amounts to pay for recruitment services to intermediaries and job portals.

"We are excited to announce Profede's partnership with TMP Worldwide Spain as a step forward in the industry to combine efforts to enhance the recruitment and job search processes."
Juan Imaz, Founder and CEO of Profede

TMP Spain ensures innovative technology is used to enhance their users brand, empowers users to engage with their audience and delivers a consistent voice across every connection point. TMP Worldwide Spain aims to transform the way you search for candidates and enables businesses to exceed their global recruiting goals.

With all the recruitment industry changes happening at the moment, we expect the industry to change further in the coming years. The partnership between blockchain-based protocol Profede and innovative recruitment and human resources solutions TMP Worldwide will give users an enhanced recruitment experience where they can find and receive the best opportunities.

The future of recruitment will be based on the adoption of business models built on blockchain. As social networks and bloc-based resources expand globally and rapidly, professionals and businesses will be able to contact each other directly, eliminating intermediaries and avoiding their costs. Profedewill help recruiters ensure a higher success rate in a cost-effective and easy manner. TMP Worldwide understands the importance of social networks as a valuable channel for HR because of marketing reach. Through TMP’s flexible solutions for businesses ever-changing recruitment goals, they have established themselves as an industry leader.

Profede and TMP Worldwide Spain aim to improve the recruitment process through advanced blockchain technology, creative ways and service solutions. These companies goals to enhance the recruitment experience is in perfect harmony to deliver users cost-effective, easy and successful results.

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