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Profede Partners With Switchain to List PATO Tokens

Profede partners with Switchain to list the PATO token on Switchain’s exchange platform after the pre-sale finishes. Switchain is a Singapore based exchange and liquidity provider who search other exchanges to give consumers the information needed to get the best rates for buying and selling digital assets. Profede, a decentralized protocol where users earn tokens each time that they authorize the sharing of their data, provides users control, power and transparency over the sharing of their data.

Profede Partners With Switchain to List PATO Tokens

There are many exchanges out there to buy and sell digital assets, but Swtichain searches other exchanges to get the best rates for consumers. Not only does it scour the market but it does not require creating an account, depositing any funds or providing private personal information to ensure the safety and speed of transactions made. Profedes PATO will be listed on Switchain so that users will be able to trade between PATO and ETH, without the need for an an account, deposit or information as with the other transactions on Switchain.

Switchain is a cryptocurrency exchange that lists utility tokens which serve a purpose so that traders can buy and sell these on the platform which offers over 150 active trade pairs. In the highly volatile cryptocurrency market so that traders can make a comparison, Switchain compares prices of crypto asset pairs across other instant exchanges. Switchain is an independently managed subsidiary of Elevenyellow Pte Ltd a Singapore-based company that has operated since 2012.

Profede fits into Switchain’s utility ‘tokens with a purpose’ as Profede offers professionals, businesses and apps a protocol to use so that users can get fairly compensated for sharing their data with requesting parties. Users decide who they want to share their data with by authorizing and approving requests, deciding which parts of their data they are willing to share and the price they are willing to share this data for.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Switchain and to be listing our PATO tokens onto their exchange." 
Juan Imaz, CEO and Founder of Profede

Profede is offering users the opportunity to gain back control over sharing their data with others by giving users the chance to earn tokens each time that they approve and authorize sharing their data. Data creators currently use free online platforms but receive nothing in return for creating and sharing data and content, while these platforms make billions off of this data. Profede is here to disrupt the entire professional industry by giving users the chance to get compensated for their data. Data creators should always feel fairly compensated for spending the time and effort to respond to proposals. Profede believes that it’s time for professional users, who are the real data creators, to rightfully make a profit from responding to offers, and be added to the value chain.

Through this partnership users can go on Switchain to buy and sell their Profede PATO tokens while getting the best price through a market comparison. Just like Profede aims to bring control, power and transparency for data sharing, Switchain offers transparency and security in the buying and selling of utility tokens to users.

In the fast paced crypto industry, transparency and security are key. We believe that through this partnership between Profede and Switchain users will have the best cryptocurrency exchange to trade their utility tokens once Profede’s pre-sale ends and when the PATO token trades.

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