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Success for Profede during Asian Roadshow and Blockchain Symposium Seoul taking the total allocated to over $8.7M

Profede attended the the 10th Blockchain Symposium: Token Economy event organized by SYNCO in Seoul during our Asian Roadshow and we have been overwhelmed with how Profede was received by the audience of industry leaders, investors, stakeholders and other ICO’s. Industry leading projects that were showcasing blockchain’s ecosystem advancements were present at the event, including top talent, information and projects, among which Profede was excited to be a part of.

Success for Profede during Asian Roadshow and Blockchain Symposium Seoul taking the total allocated to over $8.7M

SYNCO blockchain investment company is incorporated in South Korea and Hong Kong and is Asia’s leading blockchain community network and holds the prominent Blockchain Symposium. Profede’s team attended the 10th event held by SYNCO on May 31st.

Profede’s decision to market in Asia is a natural one as Asia is a top supporter and adopter when it comes to blockchain technology, supporting a future that is transparent, secure and decentralized. Attending the event to pitch and discuss Profede with prominent Korean investors was fuelled by the ambition to get allocation into the blockchain project, which through this trip has now reached over $8.7M allocated.

SYNCO offers a comprehensive suite of services in media, education, investments, and blockchain centers. They also appear on Blockchain News and TV in Korea’s leading channels for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO information and news. SYNCO events are also covered by their affiliate media and leading newspapers. New ideas were presented at the Korea Blockchain Symposium which saw more than 1000 attendees gather.

It’s been a great opportunity to present Profede to the Asian market, not only to demonstrate how our project will help disrupt the professional industry in whole but to discuss how blockchain technology will solve the transparency, privacy and security issues we currently face in sharing our data. We believe it is time for users to fairly get compensated for their data which is why it’s such an exciting time in the cryptocurrency world to be launching our PATO token to help professionals, disrupt the professional market and to help apps create value to their businesses through our ecosystem.
Juan Imaz, Founder and CEO of Profede

Profede has quickly allocated over $8.7M and is aiming to reach the $20M hard cap. During the pre-sale period there is a discount being offered, which will not be available during the crowdsale.

Blockchain is going to disrupt many sectors among which it will disrupt the current professional ecosystem, in this market Profede is creating a marketplace of professionals who decide with whom they share their data with, which parts of their data they are willing to share and for how much they are willing to share their data for. Professionals, businesses and apps can join Profede’s blockchain-based protocol. It is a horizontal solution that can have infinite apps, verticals and professional communities working with the protocol, as well as billions of professional users through which Profede will get a huge network effect.

Each time a vertical joins Profede’s ecosystem their professionals will get compensated for their data. Profede can successfully be applied to professional services, Influencer marketing, business to business, and in every scenario where somebody wants to reach a professional. Through the use of Profede users can gain control over data, privacy and get fairly compensated for their data.

Companies can use Profede to avoid overpaying on current portals where often they don’t reach qualified professionals allowing companies to save money and time by using the protocol. Apps will be able to create and add value so that they can grow their user bases and reward users.

Profede wants to empower data creators by allowing them to be the ones who authorize and approve of sharing their data with requesting parties. Profede wants a future of data transparency where users are in control, businesses can benefit from the decentralized protocol and apps can create value while rewarding their users. It’s time for professional users, who are the real data creators, to rightfully make a profit from responding to offers, and be added to the value chain by getting compensated fairly 

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Congratuations on your success so far @Juan Imaz! All the best in reaching your hard cap soon!

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