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The 5 Advantages of Blogging Through beBee's Publishing Platform

Acknowledgement, a following, and popularity can be gained from being a current and relevant blogger. By blogging you can display your interests, strengthen your personal brand and have an impact on your audience. To have a strong personal brand it’s crucial that you blog and post relevant content. 

In order to make it worth your while you should use a publishing platform that allows you to post a range of content, network, gain opportunities and share interests. Using beBee as a content marketing tool can help build your personal brand and in gaining influence. Build your network through beBee and attract new followers by posting high-quality content on beBee’s publishing platform.
Javier Camara, CEO of beBee

By dedicating time to content creation you can create a strong personal brand through which you can get the opportunity to show who you are, what your interests are and have impact. In order to have your content have the most effect on others you need to understand the importance of having and managing a good blogging platform.

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”
Brian Clarke, CEO of Rainmaker Digital

The 5 Advantages of Blogging Through beBee's Publishing Platform

Here are the 5 advantages of using beBee's blogging platform:

By understanding the advantages of using a good blogging platform you can improve your own impact and position.

1.  Immediate content distribution to other platforms

Through beBee you can immediately share your content onto other platforms. Leverage your social media by creating your content on beBee and distributing it to other social media for maximum effect. You can share your content from beBee on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ directly from the share option. beBee’s platform is easy to use, user friendly and quick. Once you’ve published your content onto beBee, you can instantly sharing it on other social networks. You can’t do this vice versa. Therefore you should produce your content on beBee, after all it is designed with your every content creation need in mind.

The benefit of using different social networks is that you will attract different followers and increase your overall impact. Therefore I always recommend to leverage existing audiences in addition to your own website audience by choosing social networks that you are comfortable with using to share your content on. Through the use of additional platforms you can extend your reach and increase impact.

2.  High ranking

A great publishing platform will assist you in your SEO strategy to allow for keyword research and content optimization. To get noticed your content should gain organic traffic to your profile.

As previously mentioned through a post, after posting a buzz on ¨We All Sell Something¨ there were 317,000,000 organic results in the search. The just published blog post wasn’t there yet.

One hour later when Googling the same words again "we all sell something" the first result in the same Google search was the blog post I wrote in beBee Producer.

High-quality  and original content posted onto beBee’s Producer will rank high on Google almost immediately. Writing on beBee is profitable as you get top rankings which mean positive things for your content.

3.  Complete profile composed of both personal and professional interests

A blogging platform that offers a combined personal and professional based audience offers more possibilities of attracting a bigger audience through your interests by showcasing a variety of aspects of your personal brand. A combined platform allows you to showcase your skills at their best. On a publishing platform like beBee users can verify your background through your personal profile, as well as seeing a multitude of content based on your personal and professional interests.

A combined personal and professional interest based blogging platform attracts better engagement through increased time spent on reading and commenting on posts

Blogs have been rated the 5th most trusted source of information, and as such it’s vital to have a blog if you want to succeed in the competitive market. Through the publication of online content you can gain a positive reputation. A complete profile made up of both personal and professional interests will facilitate the ease of credibility so that others will trust your content as they get a better picture of the whole you.

4.  Boost reach and page views

A good blogging platform opens doors to audiences from all over through topics that you are interested in. It’s estimated that by blogging you can receive 67% more leads than those that don’t. Not only will you have organic reach but you will attract a larger constant following .

By blogging about relevant and interest content, through a good blogging platform you will find it easy and user friendly to create content. The delivery of the content should be instant to the audience and as such your page views should rise as you contribute to your audience. Through sharing valuable knowledge and creating astute content you can maintain your following and boost reach.

5.  Produce varied types of content

A great publishing platform will have developed features for users that allow a variety of content to be produced to drive more traffic to their site. beBee has features that allow for video, long and short-blog posts, website links, photos and videos.

By posting a variety of content you are improving your personal profile to your audience by attracting a variety of readers. Different readers are attracted by different types of content or are in the mood for visually different types of content at different times. It is important to boost your possibilities of success by using a platform that allows you to publish a variety. By doing so you will be adding value to your personal brand.

¨Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.¨ 
Amy Jo Martin, Author and CEO of Digital Royalty

beBee will allow you ease of use, a user friendly layout, immediate distribution to other platforms, a high ranking, ability to post a variety of content (videos, pictures, long or short-form content, links, etc) and a place to post a complete profile and content. Content marketing is so important these days for marketeers and the market to be different from others and to penetrate your audience quickly.

Marketers in 2017 use blogs and publishing platforms as their preferred channel of communication. Approximately 60% of marketers say that content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. The instant delivery to the audience, the global reach and the strong relationships that can be created through this channel work and are effective. Today your audience looks to your content to make sure you are credible, to get to know you. Therefore this is the best communication channel to display, showcase and share your content.

What is in store for the future of beBee?

beBee is launching it’s collaborative platform later in 2017. Different users will be able to collaborate in the same blog post There are numerous benefits to combining the efforts of various experts. By working together you can expand on ideas and reach content that is more valuable and well-rounded.

Much like Wikipedia offers the option to collaborate on a piece of content creation, beBee will offer collaboration on a blogging platform. This new feature is both innovative and cool because it's the first time that content creation and input can be achieved through various collaborators through beBee. beBee is taking the publishing platform to another level, enabling you to collaborate with others to have greater reach and impact. 

beBee was created with your blogging needs in mind and we are constantly adapting so that you have the best user experience. beBee has huge advantages as a publishing platform for those that seek reach and impact through the creation, showcasing and sharing of their personal and professional interests. 

BeBee allows the versatilities of displaying skills.

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Thank you, Juan, for another buzzing blog post about...blogging! You make some excellent points, as usual. I've found Producer to be akin to an oasis in a desert. It always quenches my thirst for writing and reading the wonderful writing of so many other bees. Keep buzzing!

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#9 Thanks for the tag Stephan! I was on my phone when I saw it but unfortunately the signal was weak and it locked up on me! I had to wait to get home to read Juan's wonderful post. I'm excited about the collaborative posts! That could be huge fun but especially help develop some very creative posts. We have some great thinker bees in the hive and I would love to see what develops in an actual back and forth 'conversation'. @Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, @Sara Jacobovici @CityVP 🐝 Manjit, you three could blow the roof off the hives!
Just imagine some of the fictional stories that could develop. I always feel uncomfortable writing long comments when a post truly inspires thought. With collaborative posts; some great writing teams could develop. beBee is the most innovative social media site in existence and I'm so glad to be a part of the platform.

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Superb buzz and excellent advice. I am impressed by beBee's positive attitude and continuing endeavors to please its users. #13 Worthy comment @CityVP 🐝 Manjit - reminds me of a comment I read today "be yourself because the original is worth more than a copy" - IMO, this statement is motto worthy.

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