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The Secret to Making Irresistible Offers: An IT Company’s Guide to Selling

The Secret to Making Irresistible Offers: An IT Company’s Guide to Selling

The challenge remains for IT companies to engage more prospects and increase their sales margins. But in a highly versatile and dynamic market, the challenge turns out to be more daunting than it initially seemed.

For some reason, this has been the result of increased competition, particularly in the web security and software development sectors. As more and more players enter, the market will continue to rise as businesses continue to seek for better IT solutions.

As Statista shows in this well-researched report, the industry enjoyed consistent gains from 2002 to 2016. We can only expect revenue to skyrocket even higher as new trends in software and innovations in hardware are being sought. 

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For IT companies, this sounds like good news. But everything has a trade-off. The trend only encourages companies to become more aggressive not only in terms of marketing but also in terms of selling. Unfortunately, talking points in traditional selling have lost their mojo, leaving IT sales reps in a pickle. It is also worth noting that IT prospects now are not like the IT prospects of yesteryears. They now have a different view and approach to engaging IT sellers, making it even more difficult to come up with propositions that truly resonate with their needs.

Today’s IT customers demand a lot more, and you as an IT vendor have to deliver. In terms of selling, you will have to make a great deal out of knowing the art of negotiation.

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Mentors, not Salespeople

Obviously, it is about making deals, but deals that are beneficial to everybody. Knowing how to negotiate with potential clients involves more than just aiming for a sales appointment. It is about listening to them and taking notes as eagerly as a nerd during Biology class. Learn from