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Two Ways to Get Response

Two Ways to Get Response


It’s that magic word again …

Here's Part 1, in case you missed it:  https://www.bebee.com/producer/@judy-olbrych/are-you-using-these-magic-marketing-words

My brother bought the giant collectible edition … when he was about 12 … in a hobby shop tucked away on the shabby edge of a neighboring town.

It was at least twice the size of a regular comic book. The pages were thick and protected by a glossy cardboard cover. 

In the latest D.C movie version, simply saying The Word instantly brought our flawed hero to his “full potential” (at least in the mirror) or shrank him back to the 14-year old version. 

With our daughter home for a visit, we watched it during a family movie night.

Above all, it was an action movie  … and as the main character evolved he took action for two good reasons (in addition to a few not-so-good ones we'll leave out):

1 - Finding his mother 

2 - Defending family and friends from a man with a glowy blue eye full of evil spirits (because DC Comics can get kind of dark)

In sales copy, you have two ways to motivate your readers

Each has the potential to raise your response rates and conversions.

You can focus on a problem or pain point and show your readers how to avoid or eliminate it ... Or you can focus on the dream.

I was re-reading Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale where he lays out the choice.

Start with the problem …

Dramatize their pain, frustration, or anger with a story - can you pair that with a transformation brought about by your product or service?


Start with the dream  …

Bring your prospect’s dream to life. For example, in AWAI's travel writing ads, they paint a vivid and romanticized picture of a “Writer’s Life” in which their prospects can look forward to exploring strange cities, lounging on white sandy shores … and being paid to write about it.  

For Vitale, deciding which path to take is personal.  There’s enough pain in the world, he argues. Why add to that pain by leading others to dwell on it?

How about you? 

Have you tested one approach against the other on your web pages, sales pages, or emails ...

What happened?

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Judy Olbrych Jul 20, 2019 · #10

#8 @Jerry Fletcher, that works - great example!

Judy Olbrych Jul 20, 2019 · #9

#7 Thank you, John. Yes, we're in danger of losing control over our suffixes. Any more new words, and we'll have to systematize a new English grammar.

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Jerry Fletcher Jul 18, 2019 · #8

Judy, I love "dramatize of dreamatize" as shorthand for this decision point! The only suggestion I can offer is that the situation must enter into your decision. If you are presenting in a personal situation, you must let the prospect dreamatize using prompts like "If you could change (solve the problem) what would happen for you? /What could you do with the time or money? That is, of course after you dramatized the situation. I find that in copy delivered in media rather than in person the better you know where your prospect is in the process the more convincing you can become. This combination approach worked for me in person and in print: "You know how since your niece or nephew designed your web site and went off to college you can't find any one to fix it and make those changes you need? Well what we do is build you a brand new web site that has everything corrected and teach you how to change every photo and every bit of copy whenever you like and we'll fix it so you can't screw up the navigation." In my view, the most persuasive copy probably includes both. And so it goes.

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John Rylance Jul 18, 2019 · #7

We must be careful with our "atizes", otherwise we might verbalize trivia to trivatize all our dramas and dreams.
There is nothing trivial about your post.

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