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3 Ways to Make your IT Products and Services from Sounding too Technical

3 Ways to Make your IT Products and Services from Sounding too Technical

We’re going to go out on a limb here and tell you that you belong in a highly specialized industry. It’s just because the industry is smothered under a heap of buzzwords and highly complicated language that can put your buyers to sleep.

Lead generation and demand generation have to tone down on emetic terms such as “ROI maximization” and “lead management efficiency”, and focus more on creating effective messages that can easily be grasped by buyers.

In his article for Kapost.com, marketing expert Jordan Rothenburg gives three important solutions that can keep your products from sounding too esoteric.


Everyone enjoys a good story—especially one that will help their bottom line. Think of an industry-specific archetype that other like-minded professionals will understand and appreciate.

Taking the insurance industry as an example, consider the panoply of experiences that insurance agents have each day. Now take the top storytellers preaching at the water cooler or contributing to your company’s internal blog and interview them. Consider them your subject-matter experts (SMEs) on the topic of good storytelling.

Next, determine the most effective medium for publishing and promoting the tales. Is your audience looking for a lengthy case study, an easily digestible blog post, or will the story require video to capture their attention?

You should know your audience’s consumption habits best, so act accordingly.


Another way to let your creative juices flow is by utilizing imagery. The juxtaposition of a simple photo with interesting text goes a long way. After all, you’ve seen the way the web consumes the almighty meme. This isn’t to say that an image alone will suffice, but the key is to catch your reader’s attention with visual artistry and then keep them engaged with w