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ALERT! Are Marketers Becoming Less Customer-Centric?

ALERT! Are Marketers Becoming Less Customer-Centric?

A recent report published in this post for B2BMarketing.net shows a rather peculair find.

It says that B2B marketers are getting less focused on the needs of their audiences. What’s peculiar about this is that many companies are neglecting the very principle behind a successful B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign: customer-centricity.

No, you can’t find that word in any dictionary, but practically every marketer knows how vital it is to consider the urgent demands of one’s constituencies.

In fact, the report (organized by Squiz) explains that 63% of marketers cite customer-centricity as most important to their campaigns. About  64% went on to say their strategies are customer-centric.

Yet, these pronouncements turn out to be empty. According to the report, “53 percent of marketers claimed (customer-centricity) was a primary focus, but that still left 40 percent of respondents describing it as a ‘background activity’ and a small but remarkable seven percent saying that listening to customers was ‘not currently a focus’.”

In other words, while many affirm the importance of customer-centric activities, there are some who think they can achieve lead generation success without getting into the heart of their market’s main concerns.

Companies currently possessing this mindset are in dire straits. Without having a clear roadmap, their marketing efforts will most likely produce mediocre results, entailing a waste of vital investments.

Here are customer-centric ways B2B marketers might find helpful in getting engagements with high sales possibilities.

Go visual.

Infographics and videos are powerful in terms of customer education. Make sure they present relevant and relatively new information about the industries they serve as well as the solutions they opt to employ.

Here’s how to start creating infographic!

Make your words count.

This is a simple matter of creating a tagline emphasizing your compan