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Influencer Interview with The Modern Marketer: Matt Heinz

Influencer Interview with The Modern Marketer: Matt Heinz

In the Marketing Kingdom, Content is King. It’s easy to disregard everything and just focus on what the king says and does — after all, he’s pretty much unimpeachable, but doing so is a grand folly, and might even lead to the downfall of the realm. The same is true with content marketing. It’s not just about the storyline anymore. A successful content marketing campaign involves having a good strategy, knowing what loopholes to avoid, and finding out how to get the audience engaged.  

In this episode, The Savvy Marketer picked the brains of Matt Heinz on everything content marketing. Here’s what he has to say.

The Savvy Marketer: Why is it important to have a concrete content marketing strategy? Is it possible to do content marketing without a clearly laid out plan?

Matt Heinz: I don’t think random acts of marketing work very well.  I’m completely OK having an agile mentality around execution, but that must be centered under a solid sense for your objectives and success metrics.  And good content strategy is based on a deep understanding of your target personas as well as the stages of their buying journey.  For complex sales, you layer that on top of an understanding for how the buying committee works together internally.

So yes, strategy is critical.  But once you have it in place, once you have guiderails, you can get creative and agile and have fun on your way towards achieving those goals.

TSM: What are the things to consider when making a content marketing strategy or plan?

MH: Answer these questions and you’re on your way:

  • What are my business objectives?
  • How can I measure content’s contribution towards those objectives?
  • Who are my buyers – who are each of the key personas I need to influence and mobilize?
  • What are the distinct buying stages they go through – from challenging the status quo to justifying a decision?
  • How do the members of the internal buying committee work together to build consensus and make a decision?
  • What topics, formats and channels can effectively mobilize target buyers based on answers to the questions above?

TSM: What are the characteristics of an effective, lead-generating content?

MH: Great