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Overcome Marketing Automation Challenges for 2015 with One Simple Word: Relevance

Overcome Marketing Automation Challenges for 2015 with One Simple Word: Relevance

What’s not to love in marketing automation?

For a fact, some businesses feel odd with the idea. They do not seem to be satisfied when they let computer software systems do their lead management for them, as though B2B lead generation is gradually losing its human face. Personalization gave itself away to synthetic emails and content – or so we are made to believe.

It is clear that marketing automation has succeeded where hands-on lead management didn’t. But this has not necessarily rung the death knell of personalization. In fact, creating tailored-messages is still top priority among many B2B companies, considering that it improves transaction and revenue rates by at least six times.

But let us be frank: personalization will continue to be a challenge in 2015. B2B buyers have become more articulate in their choice for business solutions. What’s more, businesses will need to optimize their marketing automation systems to effectively handle those pesky gatekeepers and reach intended contacts.

The idea now is to combine the human function of personalization with the analytical function of marketing software. But more than that is the need to be relevant.

Equip your staff with expertise.

Like a ship, marketing automation software should be manned only by expert hands. B2B multi-channel marketing is after all akin to maneuvering in troubled waters, where the slightest human error would result in the vessel capsizing – or in the case of B2B companies, a failure to realize important revenue goals.

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Aim for quality.

So, you have a bulk of leads. What are you suppose to do with them? Determine if they fit your client profiling criteria of course. You will need to single out those that do not meet your desired audience profile and track those who indicate a high inclination to purchase your product. Integrating your own set of rules in terms of finding qualified leads enhances your marketing automation program.