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The 5 Parts of the Best Lead Converting Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 5 Parts of the Best Lead Converting Email [INFOGRAPHIC]The 5 Parts of the Best Lead Converting Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

Any lead generation discussion is definitely conjoined by email marketing. Despite innovations on tools and prospecting strategies, email marketing indestructibly remained on topof the list of campaign activities like sharing information and communicating with target decision makers.

If your email marketing tactic is not gaining good lead conversions, get some help from the notes below and learn to create the best lead converting email. We incorporated an infographic for better visualization. Enjoy!


The Subject Line

A strong, eye-catching subject line is what makes a user interested to read an email. When it’s composed of keywords that would cause curiosity to the recipient, it’ll likely get opened in less than 5 seconds.

Here are important factors to consider when drafting an appealing Subject Line:


Keep an appropriate length, enough to be fully visible in the user’s inbox. Although there’s no standard number of characters or words for an effective subject line, a 61-70-character subject line shows to gain the most average read rate.

Word Choice

Use fitting words that are familiar to the user. Terminologies that likely summarize the email copy itself. The choices of words on the subject line used must stimulate urgency upon the user.


Consider revising the subject line if you don’t get any reply from any send out activities made. Double check the length as it might be too long, and the words used may be unfamiliar.

It’s best to have a list of versions for subject lines to be used at the same time and compare which ones are working best.

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Sender Name

Most businesses use company name, a person’s name, product or brand name, or just email address for a sender name. A generic-like sender name is most likely to be ignored so use a sender name that exhibits a clearer identity to make your email more credible.

Take some tips from instantshift.com: