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The Five Elements of Quality Content (According to an End-user)

The Five Elements of Quality Content (According to an End-user)

The problem with quality is that, it is subjective. Quality shoes, quality car, quality laptop, and so on. That makes quality content subjective, too. People just have so many ideas what quality something is to them, just as content marketers have a thousand thoughts on what makes content “quality”. If I had a dollar for every article that tried to teach me what quality content is, I’d have $81,800,000 – that’s the number of results I got when I googled “What is Quality Content?” – in coins, way too heavy for me to drag to the nearest bank. So forget those results. Here’s what quality content is for me, not as somebody paid to do SEO, but as an end-user. And these are non-negotiables.

#1: Original

Nothing created by man is really ever original. Almost everything is influenced by things around it, just as people who create things for a living are influenced by things or people around them. Everybody copies from somebody else. Sometimes it’s unconscious behavior. Sometimes, there is conscious effort to remember or take note of certain thoughts and ideas and we store them as hard or soft copy – we write them on paper or file the “memory” somewhere in our brain – and retrieve them when the need arises.

However, there are two kinds of copying: one is copying like a machine, with the intent to just reproduce something and pass it off as one’s own work; the other is to borrow and be inspired by an existing idea and modify it to make it even better. The first one is bad, obviously because it is done in bad faith. The second is something everybody actually does, and most of the time, we may even not know we’re doing it.

When I said quality content means original content, it doesn’t mean like it has to be something that has never been thought of before, like the wheel or the Pokemon Go app. It means it has to be in a voice that says, “You may have heard or thought of this before, but I’m saying this again with a few extra nuggets of helpful wisdom.” Your content may have been inspired by a book or article or an actual experience or a combination of all, but it still is original when your objective is to convey your own